This section looks at just some of the many important issues in these areas of running a childcare setting.

Whilst much of the information in this section refers particularly to the voluntary sector, the underlying principles remain largely the same for all employers.

We can only offer general guidance and providers or employees with specific problems should consider taking professional advice. We signpost to websites from which additional information can be obtained.

'Getting it Right' - Contracts of Employment

Adapted from a Community Accounting Plus handout. Defines what a contract of employment actually is and the various ways they can be made up. Guidance and checklist on the 'statement of main terms of employment' which all employees should be given.

Employment Information Guide

Adapted from a Community Accounting Plus handout. Gives brief summaries of most of the major issues affecting the employment of staff.

Redundancy Pay

Gives information about the basic statutory minimum entitlement to redundancy pay (however, an employee's contract of employment may give them more rights than this, so it should always be checked first). Short document with 'key points' only, but provides links to other websites for further information.

National Minimum Wage

What is it? How much is it? Who is entitled to it? A short introduction to the basics.

Staff Supervision

Staff supervision meetings are essential to provide support, coaching and training for the practitioner. Supervision should foster a culture of mutual support, teamwork and continuous improvement which encourages learning and development for the early years workforce



Employment Contracts (CAPlus) rev. Apr 09

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