Before you even start a childcare business, what kind of issues should you be thinking about?

Ten Things you Need to know when starting a New Childcare Business

A set of essential short hints to help prospective and new providers appreciate the kinds of things they will be taking-on if they start a childcare business, over and above just looking after the children. If you still want to do it after reading this, you're serious!

Note: This is targeted at prospective team-managed childcare providers (nurseries, playgroups etc), prospective childminders can find equivalent guidance in section 4 (J).

Feasibility Studies

What are they? Basically, a means of finding out whether a proposal is likely to work. Why are they important? Methods, what to do with the results (download includes a sample questionnaire).

Considerations for Start-ups

At the very outset careful consideration needs to be given by both 'Prospective Providers' AND Early Years staff to certain key issues before time, effort and resources are spent on detailed development work. Until these matters are resolved there can be no certainty a proposed business will ever get established. And if little or nothing has been done to look at them, it suggests their project is - at best - insufficiently thought-through as yet.