• 4 (A) Starting-up

    Before you even start a childcare business, what kind of issues should you be thinking about?

  • 4 (B) Business Planning

    There is no shortage of 'general' business planning guidance available, from many sources, but very little of it is specifically aimed at childcare providers - this is.

  • 4 (C) Organisation Structures and Key People

    This section looks at some important aspects of how childcare businesses are structured.

  • 4 (D) Voluntary Management Committees

    This section looks at what voluntary management committees (VMC's) need to understand about running childcare settings.

  • 4 (E) Occupancy

    'Number on roll' can be dangerously irrelevant when looking at a setting's sustainability, what counts is its Occupancy Level. This section tells you more and shows how to measure it correctly.

  • 4 (F) Financial Management

    Many childcare providers find the 'financial' side of running their business a challenge. These tools and guidance will go a long way to de-mystifying things.

  • 4 (G) Sustainability

    If a childcare setting isn't financially sustainable, all the effort and money put into it goes to waste. This section looks at how to assess whether a setting is sustainable and can stay that way.

  • 4 (H) Employment and Staff

    This section looks at just some of the many important issues in these areas of running a childcare setting.

  • 4 (I) Insurance

    This section covers the requirement to have public liability insurance and explains why those which already do should review their level of cover.

  • 4 (J) Childminders

    This section looks at some key issues that prospective childminders will face, over and above looking after the children.

  • 4 (K) Marketing and Sales

    Marketing = Sales = Income = Sustainable Businesses!