Tuesday, October 4, 2022

The Department for Education is pleased to announce that they have appointed Best Practice Network to deliver training to up to 5,000 early years SENCOs across England over the next two years.

Best Practice Network will deliver accredited Level 3 EY SENCO training, nationally available, but with targeting in specific areas based on levels of disadvantage. The first cohort will begin training in October 2022 and with additional regular cohorts beginning training until August 2024. In this timeframe up to 5,000 SENCOs will be trained. The training will be available to early years staff working in group-based settings and working as childminders.

Minister for School Standards, Will Quince said: “It’s great to be working with Best Practice Network on the delivery of Level 3 SENCO training for early years staff.

“This is a crucial programme within our early years education recovery package, addressing the impact of the pandemic on the youngest and most disadvantaged children. It’s also a key part of our SEND Green paper commitment to improve outcomes for all children, regardless of need.

“The early years sector has worked incredibly hard to support families over the past few years and we want to continue working with them to support all early years children. This upscale in the number of qualified SENCOs will directly help children who have special educational needs.”

Please visit the Best Practice Network website for more information and to enrol on the training.

Kind regards,

The LA Delivery team



The Early Years Entitlements Team