30 Hours Funded Childcare for Working Parents of 3 and 4 year olds

 Extended Entitlement (30 Hour Offer)

In addition to the universal 15 hours that all 3 and 4 year olds receive, the Government extended this offer for working parents in September 2017 to up to 30 hours per week (over 38 weeks a year), with the aim of helping families by reducing the costs of childcare and supporting parents to work.

Information for parents is available at www.asklion.co.uk/30hours

The key messages for providers in managing the 30 hours offer with parents, and as stated in the latest Statutory and Operational Guidance, are as follows:

  • Direct parents to the Childcare Choices website for more information about what offers might be best for them and how to apply
  • Encourage parents to apply well in advance of deadlines, the term before their child turns 3 and to bring their code in as soon as they receive it
  • Verify parents codes as quickly as possible and remind parents they can’t take up a place until the code has been verified
  • A child is only entitled to start their 30 hours place the term following the child’s 3rd birthday or the term following receipt of a valid 30 hours eligibility code, whichever is later
  • Don’t sign an agreement with parents until you have verified both the age of the child and the validity of the code
  • If parents don’t receive a code before the deadline they need to wait until the following term to access their place
  • The ‘validity start date’ is the date on which the parent has been made eligible by HMRC and issued with a code
  • Every 3 months, parents will need to reconfirm that the details they entered on their application are still accurate, to check they are still eligible
  • Parents will need to reconfirm regardless of whether their child has started their 30 hour place
  • The ‘validity end date’ is the parents ‘deadline’ for confirming and the date their code becomes invalid if they do not reconfirm or are found ineligible
  • If parents miss the reconfirmation deadline or their circumstances change, they will receive an email telling them their eligibility has lapsed. Although no longer eligible, if the child is already in a 30 hours place they will be able to retain it for their grace period
  • The ‘grace period’ is the last date on which the parent should receive their 30 hours place after falling out of eligibility
  • Remember to notify parents in good time if they have fallen out of eligibility and what this means in relation to their place with you (such as reducing to universal hours only, leaving the provision or paying for these hours instead)
  • Children should not start a new 30 hours place at a provider during the grace period. This includes the following scenarios;
    • Where a parent falls into their grace period before the child has started a 30 hours place
    • Where a parent falls into their grace period whilst their child is in a 30 hours place, and the parents seeks to move the child to a different provider
  •  If you’re not delivering the full 30 hours yourself, you need to be mindful that the 15 hours you are offering could be part of an eligible parents 30 hour entitlement that they may be splitting with another provider.  As such you need to know;
    • How to gain written consent and check an eligibility code
    • Whether you are the provider for their universal or extended hours
    • How the grace period works if they fall out of eligibility and the impact this could have on your funding
  • The Provider Agreement, incorporating the Local Code of Practice, is the document that all providers delivering the free entitlements will need to adhere to. This brings together the Statutory and Operational Guidance, national model agreement and local practices.  This can be found here

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