Useful Information

Practitioners may find the website links below useful for their settings and for signposting parents. 

Finding your Way 

An informative directory of services and useful contacts including Health, Education and Social Care and support services.

Ask Iris  

A magazine for parents of children and young people with Special Educational needs, including a 2 page pull out of activities and groups.

Autism East Midlands 

An umbrella body for the disabled children's sector bringing together professionals, practitioners and policy-makers.

Council for Disabled Children 

A really useful organisation helping practitioners put policy into good practice.


When you may need to refer to other agencies:

When reviewing the development of a child with SEND, the SENCO or key worker in consultation with parents should consider: •has progress been made? •what are the parents' views? •is there a need for more information or advice about the child? This may result in a request for help from external services or from the Early years SEND workers Sam Caig and Mel Foulston who can support the setting with this by doing observations or a Solution circle.

There are times when an Individual Provision Map and strategies are not really working or the child is not making progress and we need to look for further support from other agencies. The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) should really be the start of this and in fact a completed CAF assessment form is often required by many agencies as the start of a referral for external services support.



How to refer/ Referral routes

Contact or  paperwork required

Community Paediatrician

Parent to request from GP

Health Visitor to refer

Setting to contact Health Visitor about referral

Occupational Therapist

Parent to request from GP

Health Visitor to refer

Talk to parent


Parent to request from GP

Health Visitor to refer

Talk to parent

Family Support Worker or

Specialist Support worker

Through Local Access Panel at main Children Centres

First 6 pages of CAF form, parental consent, targeted services form

Pathway to support Behavioural, Emotional and Mental Health needs

Pathway for Children and Young People with Behavioural, Emotional or Mental Health Needs (early diagnosis of ASD)

 BEMHAdvice   leads you to single point of access on GP portal. Go into the link for professionals and Follow the referral process or call Single Point of Access 0300 131 0300

Speech and Language Therapist


Complete the check list and if eligible complete the referral form.

Childrens Development Centre

City Hospital 0300 1233387

SALT Check List 

 Referral form  


Home Visiting Team

 Home visiting Service for children with SEND who are not attending a setting and meet the criteria for this service, please complete Specialist Referral form below.


EYFS SEND Home Visiting Team (Inclusive Education Service)0115 8764000

Specialist Support Referral form


EYFS SEND Setting Support  for providers.

EYFS SEND Workers:

Sam Caig and Mel Foulston

0115 8763595 (Sam)

0115 8764866 (Mel)

Community Educational Psychologist

Placement at risk of breakdown and/or where their needs are likely to be very significant such that they would probably receive an EHCP at some point in the future.


Specialist Support Referral form  

Inclusive Education Service (IES)

IES can support children with Austism, Physical or learning difficulties transition into school. Referrals should be made at least one term in advance of the move once a school or maintained nursery place has been allocated.

Judith Morgan: Team Leader Autism Team 

Ann Baldwin: Team Leader Learning Support

Cheryl Gray: Team Leader Sensory Team




Administrator: Lorraine Bonser

Specialist Support Referral form  

IES Website