Where did the SLC Pathway come from?

Following the Local Government Association Peer Review in 2019, it was recommended that all local support for SLC was gathered as a centralised resource.  This recommendation was mirrored in our bid to the Early Outcomes Fund as part of a collaborative project in the East Midlands and in Spring 2021, the SLC Pathway was launched to the cities of Leicester, Nottingham and Derby. 

We wanted a common framework in which to set out our local pathway journeys to meet the needs of our local populations and centralise all resources into one place, at both local and national level.  We achieved this in Nottingham through working in partnership with a wide range of services, including the voluntary sector and parents, and in future hope to extend the age range of this resource up to 25 years.

What can you do? 

Please share the pathway link  and familiarise yourself with using it, both for SLC ideas to support all children and to identify resources for children who may need a little more support.  It would also be great if you could share this information with your teams, colleagues, partners and families, the Pathway can be used by all!

How can you request local resources are included in the Pathway?

We hope we have captured the vast range of brilliant work taking place in the City.  If there is a resource we’ve missed that you think would be useful to include, please email katherine.crossley@nottinghamcity.gov.uk to discuss a pathway entry.

First 100 Words

Also, as a ‘Back to Basics’ reminder, please refer to this list identifying the first 100 words that children typically use when they are starting to speak.  This isn’t a checklist but is a useful tool for early identification regarding children’s early language that can be used to support interactions within provision, as well as sharing with parents.