Where did the SLC Strategy for Nottingham City come from?

The need for an SLC Strategy in the City was highlighted by the City's children not developing to their full potential in communication and language and literacy, resulting in Early Years Foundation Stage Profile scores consistently below the national average.  This need was also identified through the Local Government Association Peer Review (2019), which recommended a collaboratively produced, city wide, 0-5’s Early Years Strategy, focusing on SLC, alongside recommendations to accelerate the integrated approach for 2 ½ year check and increasing participation in free entitlement hours for eligible 2, 3 and 4 year olds to support earlier identification of children in need of support or interventions with their SLC.

In a successful joint bid to the Department for Education's Early Outcomes Fund, with Derby and Leicester City Councils, Nottingham City Children's Services have been involved in work to help us better understand and improve early language identification and support for speech, language and communication needs, so we can better co-ordinate our offer for children and families.

The vision within the strategy, currently in draft format, is for all the City’s 0-5 year olds to develop SLC skills to the best of their individual potential and prepare them to be ready for school, positively impacting on their attachment, attainment, leisure, mental health, wellbeing, later employment and ultimately improve life chances.

Better Communication CIC produced a report (click on image to the  right) which identified needs in the City and included recommendations for developing a local strategy.


We know this strategy must have shared responsibility for implementation, management and evaluation across all sectors of the 0-5 workforce in order to produce the desired outcomes. 

Following extensive consultation with the early years workforce and parents and carers in late 2021, the consultation findings are summarised here:

These findings will be incorporated into the final strategy, which will be taken back to People's Leadership Team, prior to final approval from the Health and Wellbeing Board.  The finalised strategy will be published and shared, alongside a supporting, jointly-owned, implementation plan, which will outline how the key headlines will be addressed to ensure the vision for under 5's in the City is achieved.

Read the SLC Strategy at this link or by clicking on the picture to the left