The Integrated Review at 2 years is designed to bring together the Healthy Child Programme health and development review used by Health Visiting teams, and the statutory EYFS Progress Check used by early years practitioners to assess children’s development at 24 to 36 months.

The Integrated Review at 2 years supports the early identification and effective intervention of children’s developmental needs with parents fully engaged and informed. It will support parents to gain a complete picture of their child.

The Integrated Review Nationally

The Integrated review at 2 was introduced by the Department for Education and the Department of Health in 2011. A national development group was formed who worked together with 5 pilot sites and 5 pilot partners to trial different models of how the two checks could work together. The pilot work was evaluated by the Department of Health who has published the findings.

The Integrated Review in Nottingham

In Nottingham, a core group of both Health and Early Years practitioners have worked together to construct and consult on an Integrated Review Pathway for Nottingham. The pathway was developed by considering the emerging outcomes of the national pilots and looking at how these could work in practice locally. We also ran a Nottingham Pilot for a year in Aspley. The pathway has been consulted on across the early years sector and Health Visiting teams in Nottingham. This is not a completely new way of working – it promotes and builds on what is agreed to be best practice currently happening across the city.

To support both Health Visiting teams and Early Years practitioners understand their role within the pathway, Nottingham City guidance to the Integrated Review at 2 years has been developed.

Progress Check at age 2

The Progress Check at 2 is a statutory requirement for registered early years provision as part of the EYFS Statutory Framework. Practitioners can choose the format they use to complete the check and there are many examples available to support their decision including advice from the Department for Education:  Progress Check at age two 

Early years managers across the city helped develop a Nottingham City Progress Check at age 2. Providers are not obliged to use the Nottingham City Progress Check however; Health Visiting teams in Nottingham are now familiar with this format making it easier for them to identify any emerging needs of the children you are both supporting.

To download a copy of Nottingham City 2 year progress check see 'downloads' below, for information on observation and assessment click on the following link: EYFS Assessment