The framework should: Reduce paperwork and bureaucracy, strengthen partnerships between parents and professionals, focus on the three prime areas of learning, simplify assessment at age 5 and provide for early intervention where necessary, through the introduction of a progress check at age 2.

DfE states:                                                                                        

'The new, simpler and clearer EYFS framework is an integral part of the Government's wider vision for families in the foundation years. Building on the independent advice of Dame Clare Tickell, it will reduce paperwork and bureaucracy for professionals and enable them to focus more strongly on the areas of learning most essential for children's healthy development. It will also simplify assessment at age five, reducing the early learning goals from 69 to 17, and provide for earlier intervention for children who need extra help.'

You are able to access the EYFS and download supporting material by visiting the DfE website at: 

The information can also be accessed through on this website you can also download:

  • Statutory Framework for EYFS
  • Development Matters in the EYFS
  • Guide for EYFS progress check at age 2
  • The Parent's Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (a document you can personalise for your own setting)