Early Years Training Courses, Networks and Briefings

Terms and Conditions: Early Years Training Courses, Networks and Briefings 


If you book online please take time to observe the message which will confirm your booking has been submitted, this will also explain that a confirmation will be sent by email before the course takes place. If there is an issue with your booking such as the course being oversubscribed you will be contacted straight away. Any specific instructions for the course and Covid 19 safety arrangements will be included on your confirmation. Please bring a copy (or email) with you to the event. 

PVCI Networks

Day Nurseries and Pre-schools, for terms and conditions and to join or renew your network membership please email eytraining@nottinghamcity.gov.uk Forms are also available to download on each network webpage.. 

Networks are held every term and membership is £40 per annum for the SENCO Network and £50 for the Leadership Network (which this year will also include the Room Leaders Network) per setting.

The cost entitles each setting to:

  • Leadership: unlimited number of people per setting for online sessions. 2 per setting for face to face sessions
  • SENCO: unlimited number of people per setting for online sessions. 2 per setting for face to face sessions
  • Room Leaders 0-3 years: unlimited number of people per setting for online sessions. 1 per setting for face to face sessions
  • Room Leaders 3-5 years: unlimited number of people per setting for online sessions. 1 per setting for face to face sessions

Booking on Network Sessions

Once we receive your Network registration form your places will be automatically booked on each date arranged for network meetings. You will then be sent confirmations, therefore to ensure the correct person receives this we request that you notify us as soon as possible if there is a change in personnel over the year.

Please let us know if the booked persons cannot attend. This is to ensure that the Early Years team know the number of resources to prepare and we have capacity (this may be for a venue if used or limit trainer has requested).  Administration of our courses incurs cost so please be aware that if you book on a network and do not turn up to a session your setting will be charged at £20 per person. If  you attend without booking you will not have been included in the numbers for trainers capacity, or if face to face training  seating, refreshments or course handouts.

All Course/Networks/Briefing Information

Please ensure that you read individual course information on our website and/or brochure as you may need to bring something to the course, read beforehand or simply be aware that this course has practical elements so you may need to wear comfortable clothing or footwear e.g. Paediatric First Aid comprises of practical work whereby you will need kneel on the floor so it is advisable to comfortable clothing.

Course Start Times

It is important that you arrive for courses on time or 15 minutes beforehand so registration can commence on time and you do not miss vital information or disrupt the session; the trainers have the right to turn latecomers away.


Once you have submitted your application on courses your place is allocated. If you do not attend the chosen event you will be charged in full for the allocated place. We are unable to reimburse any payments as our training fees are determined by the places available. If in unforeseen circumstances you have to cancel your place please inform us at your earliest opportunity.

Please Note

Once a place has been booked on special events such as the Early Years Annual Conference any cancellations prior to the event incur the full cost of the place. 

Non attendance at any non charged training sessions or briefings will incur a non cancellation fee of £30.

In-House training requests: Once your request for in-house training has been confirmed by email, cancellations incur a 10% administration charge. 


Due to the rising cost of the administration regarding the raising of invoices and recovery of payments, our finance department has advised that a threshold should be set for any transactions requiring payment by invoice. Therefore, any charges less than £30 are to be paid by credit or debit card in advance and are non refundable, any charges that do not meet the threshold but require payment by invoice will incur an administration charge of £25 plus the charge for the course. 

Payments by debit/credit card can be made over the phone by calling either:  0115 8764530 

Our terms and conditions exists to keep our costs as low as possible while continuing to provide high quality training courses.