EYFS Number Sense

NB. Practitioners should attend Maths Mastery: An introduction to Early Number Sense prior to attending this course.

Early Number Sense Summary: 

Learning to count with understanding is a crucial number skill, but other skills, such as perceiving subgroups, need to develop alongside counting to provide a firm foundation for number sense.  When children have daily, long-term opportunities to work (and play) with numbers it supports future growth in their mathematical thinking, confidence, and enthusiasm about mathematics. 

This course will provide you with strategies to help develop children’s reasoning including:

  • Tools to lay the foundation for children to develop more advanced number skills
  • An awareness of the relationship between number and quantity
  • Knowledge to enable you to plan and deliver a number sense session
  • An understanding of different representations of number

Length of session: x 2 half days with a task in to carry out in your setting between sessions.

Course Leaders: Early Years Specialist Vissani and Maths Specialist

Audience: F2 practitioners

Session Day Date Time Venue Fee per delegate  
Part 1 Monday                            4th Dec 2017                                  9:00am - 12:00pm Castle             Cavendish          £160


Part 2 Monday                            15th Jan 2018 9:00am - 12:00pm