Signs of Safety has been adopted by Nottingham City's Children's Services as the overarching practice framework for all of its work with children and families.

The SOS Approach: Signs of Safety is a strengths based safety-organised approach to child protection work which expands the investigation of risk to encompass strengths and signs of safety to make an overall judgement of safety using a safety scale. The tools used in Signs of Safety have a wider application to other settings where workers need to communicate with children about their feelings and engage families in making changes.

 SOS is about building on the strengths and safety already present with families to build reliance and encourage families to find their own solutions to what's happening in their lives. Safety and wellbeing is not created in services but within family's homes. Practitioners work with the child or young person, their family and their support network to build safety for the child or young person.

Robust assessment: The framework within SOS allows practitioners to critically think through and analyse the information gathered about a child and their family mapping out their thinking about what's happening and what they need to see the family doing in order to know the child/young person is safe or that their needs are being met. This process provides a clear understanding of the current situation for that child and family.

SOS framework: This one day workshop will support practitioners to work through the SOS framework and be introduced to the SOS Toolkit.

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