Pete Moorhouse is an Artist Educator and Early Years Consultant. He is an associate trainer for Early Education and is an Honorary Research fellow at The Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol researching creative and critical thinking in early years. He is the author of several journal articles and books and a Member of ICEnet – the International Creative Education Network.


Introduction to Woodwork in the EYFS

This practical workshop will look at how woodwork can be introduced safely into your early years settings. Looking at the theory and how woodwork meets many learning and development aspects of the EYFS practitioners will examine the historical context and look at examples from other countries that have been working successfully with wood for many years. There will be explanations of the most suitable tools for young children and instruction on how best to use them also looking at the most suitable woods. Information on potential suppliers of wood/ tools will be provided. Explanations on how to set up a woodworking area. Suggestions for activities, open-ended explorations and longer term projects. There will be practical sessions for practitioners to explore the tools, gain confidence and share the experience of making creations in wood.

This workshop will support you to:

  • Understand the value and theory of woodwork
  • Learn about the historical context of woodwork
  • Understand the potential of woodwork for creativity and critical thinking
  • Learn how to introduce woodwork safel, implementing an effective risk assessment
  • Understand the most suitable tools for young children and how to use them
  • Be confident to develop a woodworking area
  • Know where to buy the most appropriate tools and materials

Course length: Two half days 

Delegate Fee: £95 or *Special Offer!  Book this workshop and Enabling Environments : the third teacher  or £150 and book a place on Encouraging CreativityFree!             

*To qualify for the offer please book on each individual course  at the same time, please note lunch is not included in this offer


Please Note: We apologise for any inconvenience but the date for Introduction to Woodwork in the EYFS part one and Enabling Environments workshop has been changed due to the talented Pete Moorhouse being shortlisted to receive an award for the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. This would be the most amazing opportunity for Pete as if he is selected they will provide funding for him to visit EY settings to research best practice in woodwork around the world with the aim to share this information with EY teachers/practitioners in the UK.

Unfortunately the date for Pete’s interview falls on the same day as the first part of  Introduction to Woodwork in the EYFS and the Enabling Environments workshop. I am sure practitioners will understand that as Pete cannot change the date of the interview so we have changed the date of the workshops to 23rd January instead of 31st, the date of part 2 and  Encouraging Creativity Workshop will remain on 1st March. We apologise for any inconvenience. Again we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Session Day Date Time Venue  
One (Rescheduled date):  Tuesday 23rd  Jan 2018 9am - 12pm NNSTC
Two (Rescheduled date):  Friday 8th June 2018