Heroes and Monsters : A day of superhero fun and thought provoking insights

Course Summary:

In this truly unique course that was mentioned in a settings 'Outstanding' Ofsted             inspection report practitioners will experience all the fun of super hero play and its incredible benefits to children. Participants will also discuss the very real monsters and heroes in children’s lives.

‘We received outstanding at our Sherwood nursery!! Ben’s training was mentioned by parents over and over and it is mentioned in the actual report!’ 

 Thanks to Becky at Hollies for permission to use this quote

This session seamlessly moves from laugh out loud silliness to stark information on the emotional damage that some children experience at the hands of adults. It gives practical advice on what we can do to help mitigate that damage and looks at the profound and life changing effect a caring adult can have on a child’s emotional wellbeing, development and mental health.

There are monsters in children’s lives but there are also heroes and sometimes all it takes is one early years worker to be that hero.

  This course will support practitioners to gain an understanding of:

  • How to empower children
  • How to create an environment to increase levels of physical activity
  • How to support children’s emotional wellbeing
  • How to increase practitioner’s confidence

 Course Leader/s:  Inspired Children Services: Ben Kingston-Hughes

 Course Length: 3 hrs (one half day)

 Audience:  Ideal for all practitioners

Information: This course involves practical activities.

Day  Date Time Venue  
Friday 6 October 2017  9:30am -12:30pm  NNSTC Book