In September 2016 we secured funding from the Education Improvement Board (EIB) to enable us to lead an EYFS Maths Mastery research group with 9 x Reception Teachers from 9 City schools. This has been a great opportunity to bring together experts from the field of Mathematics.

We have been working in collaboration with Martin Tillbrook (Teaching for Mastery Primary Lead with East Midlands South Maths Hub) and Professors from Nottingham University. By working together we are looking at how teaching in a mastery style can be weaved into Mathematics teaching in an EYFS classroom while maintaining Early Years pedagogy.

Why introduce this  style of teaching Number Sense?

Many children in KS1 and KS2 are starting to be taught in a Mastery style since the changes to the National Curriculum. It therefore makes sense to start this journey in EYFS so we can enable the majority of children to have a secure understanding of Early Number Sense which will support the transition from Reception into Year One.

 The EYFS Number Sense Training Session

These sessions will summarise the main findings of the research project and support practitioners to introduce a ‘mastery’ style of supporting children with number sense, and lots more!

 Course Leaders: Early Years Specialists

 Suitable for:  Room Leaders in the 3-5s room  

Day Date Time Venue Fee per delegate  
Wednesday  29th November 2017 9:30am - 3.30pm NNSTC £75 Book