Pete Moorhouse is an Artist Educator and Early Years Consultant. He is an associate trainer for Early Education and is an Honorary Research fellow at The Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol researching creative and critical thinking in early years. He is the author of several journal articles and books and a Member of ICEnet – the International Creative Education Network.

Encouraging Creativity: the third teacher

 This course is designed to develop understanding of what creativity means and explore ways in which we can best encourage creativity. Practitioners will start by defining creativity and critical thinking and then look at the different aspects of children’s thinking that contribute to the process of developing ideas. Pete will emphasise the importance of creativity as a fundamental skill that not only impacts on all areas of learning but also impacts on young children’s long term outcomes to become resourceful and resilient adults.

The training will explore the many factors that contribute to children’s creative and critical thinking, from the impact of the environment to working together with parents and how creativity fits within the characteristics of effective learning.  Practitioners will be encouraged to think about their role in extending thinking by looking at sustained shared thinking practice and how best to interact with children during the creative process,  considering ways in which we can monitor children’s creative progression especially in relation to their developing thinking skills.

This course will support practitioners to:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of what creativity means
  • Learn why creativity is so important in education and in life in general
  • Look at the many elements that contribute to encouraging and nurturing young childrens creativity
  • Investigate the role of the teacher in extending creative and critical thinking
  • Look at the role of the environment and resources
  • The importance of documentation and reflective learning practice
  • Working together with parents to support childrens creative thinking
  • Opportunity for practitioners to get creative exploring different materials
  • View examples of inspiring provocations
  • Think about ways of monitoring children’s creative progression

Length of course: one half day

Delegate Fee: £55 or *Special Offer!  Book Pete's other two workshops Introduction to Woodwork in the EYFS and Enabling Environments  for £150 and book a place on this course FREE!             

*To qualify for the offer please book on each individual course  at the same time, please note lunch is not included in this offer.

Day Date Time Venue  
Friday 8th June 2018  1:00pm - 4:00pm NNSTC Book