Covid 19 has brought unprecedented pressure on childcare businesses, these vodcasts and resources to download will support you with your business direction and planning

There is a wealth of information available regarding business support, financial support and guidance for businesses during this time.  This page provides a starting point for some of the key information to enable childcare businesses to navigate the resources most appropriate for their own individual circumstances, whether that be a childminder caring for 2 children or a group-based setting caring for 120 children.  This information should be considered alongside current local and national operational guidance, planning documents and risk assessment tools available.

The latest financial support available from central government, tailored to individual childcare businesses, can be identified by undertaking this short questionnaire which will produce a bespoke response on support available based on the answers provided.  The questionnaire can be accessed here and full information is documented in the Coronavirus (COVID 19): financial support for education, early years and children’s social care

Childcare businesses in the Voluntary Sector can get information on training, support and local funding opportunities from Nottingham Council for Voluntary Services (NCVS) and if the childcare business is also a Registered Charity, this additional guidance from the Charity Commission may be of interest -

Hempsall's are renowned for their support to the early years and childcare sector and their dedication to achieving best practice in services for children, young people and families.  Hempsall's have recently launched the Hempsall's Business Change and COVID-19 Response Tool, known as the Business Map.  The documents below provide a video of Hempsall's introducing this tool, an outline version of the action plan and a full, step by step, explanation of the tool, with supporting documentation, to enable childcare businesses to access this information in the most appropriate way to meet their needs.

Watch Hempsall's video of the Business Change and COVID-19 Response Tool

Download the outline Business Map information

Download the full Business Map information

Download the April 2020 - March 2021 Cash Flow Template

Download the April 2021 - March 2022 Cash Flow Template


Following similar messages, in August 2020, the Early Years Team also presented a vodcast on Business Direction and Planning for Sustainability in Response to COVID-19.  You can still watch our vodcast and Download accompanying document and resources