This section looks at diversity in its truest sense and aims to increase awareness and understanding of diversity and equality issues and how this can be reflected in day to day life. Here we offer a variety of links that will encourage a wider knowledge of equality, disability and creative activities linked to inclusion.

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Britkid is aimed at young people who do not live or go to school in areas which are ethnically mixed. Its main target audience is people who are not themselves from minority ethnic groups, though it's been found to be very popular with minority ethnic young people who live in areas where they are in a minority.

Young people who have daily personal experience of multicultural Britain may find the site interesting, but it is not intended to address the details and complexities of their experiences.

The key element of the site is a group of fictionalised young characters from different ethnic groups (all based upon extensive research) who discuss and argue about aspects of their lives.

Britkid's author, Professor Chris Gaine, has focussed for over 25 years on young people's racial attitudes, writing books and training materials as well as giving talks and training all over Europe and the UK. At one time there were four 'sister' sites in other countries, and currently English versions of Dutchkid and Czechkid are still online. Professor Gaine also devised a website with fictionalised young people involved in bullying.

To access the Britkid website click on the following link