This section aims to inspire and encourage children and young people to explore their imaginative capacity through creative play, music and the development of skills - helping them to maintain focus, build confidence and have a belief in their own abilities.

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Creative Souls project 

The SEND Project is a community arts organisation based in Sneinton, Nottingham providing workshops, courses and bespoke projects to young people and vulnerable adults across the East Midlands via outreach work or through projects run from their modern studio facility at the Greenway Centre.

SEND was established seven years ago and has grown organically through adopting a local, community-based focus. Many of the staff and volunteer team live in the area and this creates a warm, positive environment for collective and individual development.

The ethos of SEND is to support people to 'Enjoy, Create & Achieve'. They aim to develop creativity and raise aspirations through enabling people to explore the arts, music, technology and the natural environment. They deliver creative learning opportunities as extensions to curriculum, as alternative provision or as part of a bespoke programme or intervention.

Their work takes on a variety of styles and themes but their core provision is the delivery of creative indoor and outdoor 'art', environmental and sustainability education workshops, bespoke projects and accredited courses either delivered from their studio, their outdoor classroom allotment space or externally at centres for local authorities and a variety of other groups.

The Project knows that supporting learners in building their confidence, sense of self-worth and self-respect unlocks their learning potential. The arts provide an ideal means to achieve this as, with skilled programme design, the fun and creativity involved can provide a route into learning and progression, particularly for those who have lacked confidence or motivation in other learning settings.

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