• Nature Watch

    This section aims to enhance children and young people's knowledge of communities, helping them to be environmentally aware and to scientifically explore the natural world whilst supporting social interaction. This section offers external links to natural resources for you to explore.

  • Inclusion

    This section looks at diversity in its truest sense and aims to increase awareness and understanding of diversity and equality issues and how this can be reflected in day to day life. Here we offer a variety of links that will encourage a wider knowledge of equality, disability and creative activities linked to inclusion.

  • Outdoor Activities

    The current urbanised living has seen an increase in electronic-based play. Children are becoming more and more disconnected from green open spaces and the natural world.

  • Give Sport A Chance

    Early Years have chosen services and groups that will provide access to information that will appropriately enhance the development of children's physical skills and abilities. Alongside creating an enthusiastic, positive, lifelong healthy commitment to exercise, this is seen as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Creative Souls

    This section aims to inspire and encourage children and young people to explore their imaginative capacity through creative play, music and the development of skills - helping them to maintain focus, build confidence and have a belief in their own abilities.