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Here you can find out about all of our current projects and grants available to you to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Lower your bills with free solar and home insulation packages

The Sustainable Warmth Competition (SWC) Local Authority Delivery Scheme follows on from the Green Homes Grant funding and offers solar panels and insulation packages for homes with a low energy rating in Nottingham.

Low-income homeowners can apply for these measures free of charge, in a bid to reduce both energy bills and carbon emissions.

There are two SWC funding streams which will enable NCC to insulate up to 291 homes and install 220 solar PV panels where insulation requirements have already been met. In addition, 20 homes will receive solid wall insulation and 10 of these will also have low carbon heat pumps installed.

To be eligible for the scheme, your home must be in the Nottingham City boundary and have a low energy performance (and EPC with a rating of D, E, F and G – although please note we have reached the limit of D rated properties on the current waiting list, therefore lower EPCs will be prioritised) and the household income must be less than £30,000 a year (this figure is greater if you have two or more dependent children). There are fewer eligibility checks in our key target areas, so if your postcode appears on our databases, we may not need income evidence. Call the number below for more details.

Applications are now open. There is an online application process for anyone wishing to apply to the scheme, it only takes 5 minutes. Or please call Nottingham Energy Partnership’s Customer Services Team on 0115 947 2207.

Visit our webpage here for more information.



Grants to help your business reduce its carbon footprint

Nottingham City Council’s Accelerating Reduction in Carbon (ARC) project part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund will help small and medium sized businesses located in Greater Nottingham to decarbonise.

ARC gives grants to help businesses invest in measures such as LED lighting and heating upgrades, installation of energy efficient cooling systems, insulation and production of renewable energy that lead to cost and carbon savings.

To find out more about how we can help your business email the ARC project team at or call us on 0115 876 4271

View Accelerating Reduction in Carbon leaflet here


Get rewarded for taking action on climate change

How would you like to win prizes for helping reduce carbon emissions in Nottingham?

We’re committed to reduce our impact on the environment and we want to reward residents that help us achieve our goals. That’s why we’ve launched a brand new programme called ‘Green Rewards’ to recognize your positive actions.

Green Rewards is a joint programme with other Nottinghamshire councils and you’ll be able to earn ‘Green Points’ by reporting what sustainable actions you’re taking; whether that’s supporting wildlife, choosing a low carbon transport method or saving energy at home. We then award you with prizes!

All residents can sign up for free at or by downloading the Green Rewards app on iOS and Android. Search for ‘Notts; Green Rewards’ in your device’s app store.

Green Rewards

Greening Nottingham's transport

Our Transport team are running a range of initiatives that are helping the city to reduce carbon emissions. You can find out more about all of the work they're doing by visiting the Let's Keep Nottingham Moving website.

Hire a bike

We are pleased to announce that CityCard cycles have returned to the streets of Nottingham. The bike hire scheme has received an upgrade since the cycles were last on our streets, so it’s now easier than ever to grab a bike and get pedalling!

Find out more about Hire a bike