Private and Corporate FAQ

Can I drop things off for the event in my car?

Yes. Before 10am and after 4.30pm you can drive in front of the Council House, turn right and park outside the Nottingham Tourist Information Centre. You cannot leave the car unattended for longer than 10 minutes at a time otherwise you may receive a parking ticket.


Do you provide stationary? No


Do you have projection facilities?

Yes, please our feature page for more information.


Can you supply refreshments and catering?

Yes, tea and coffee can be provided as the below:


Tea, coffee, water available at £2 per head, per serving

Flasks tea and coffee available after 4.30pm at £10 per flask (poly cups)

We have an approved caterers list for all events.


Can I use the Council House external lights?

If you have a special cause or campaign that you would like to see marked by the dome and front of Nottingham Council House being lit up in an appropriate colour, please answer the following questions so your request can be considered.

Please note, we are only able to consider causes or campaigns of national significance and/or those specifically supported by the City Council. We also have to limit to the number of times the Council House is illuminated in any week or month so as not to dilute the impact.

Apply for lighting the Council house to mark special events or campaigns.