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Nottingham City Council has a Local Outbreak Control Plan that sets out how we will prepare for future outbreaks of Covid-19 in Nottingham.

While the pandemic has not hit our city as hard as other areas, it is important that we remain vigilant and that we plan for how we can control the outbreak if it returns in different settings in our city.

The plan sets out how the City Council will work with the NHS, with partners, with businesses, with community leaders, and with our neighbouring councils to keep people safe and protected – not only those who live and work in Nottingham but those who travel to work and visit the city.

Our new plan is in place so that we can start to reopen our city while having a clear framework for how we can mitigate the risk of outbreaks and manage any further local outbreaks of Covid-19. This might be in a care home, in a school, in a hospital or in a factory. It is important that we plan and prepare for every eventually to help keep people safe and well.

We know that every incident will be different and that we will have to assess outbreaks on a case-by-case basis, but having a plan allows us to respond quickly in a structured way.

The Local Outbreak Control Plan means that local decision-makers will determine how best to implement the Government’s Test and Trace Programme to best meet the needs of our communities – and this will include working with our partners in neighbouring local authority areas.

You can read the plan and its summary here: