What You Can Do to Prepare for Emergencies

Major emergencies are dealt with by the Emergency Services, Local Authorities, Health and Environment Agencies, Utilities and Voluntary Agencies in a combined response. In extreme conditions there is a possibility that these agencies may not be able to reach the scene immediately. In such circumstances, the initial response may rely largely on local people and communities. These pages will tell you more about how you can prepare for such an eventuality.

During the summer of 2007 Gloucestershire experienced severe floods and a water shortage, due to the failure of a water treatment works, which affected large areas of the county. Due to the widespread nature of the emergency and duration, it was difficult for the Emergency Services, Local Authorities, Voluntary Agencies and the utilities to respond rapidly to each affected community.

Community Resilience

In should be remembered that Nottingham is a safe place to live, but emergencies do sometimes happen and they could have a significant impact on you, your household and your community.

It is possible that future emergencies may occur in Nottingham where an emergency response to specific areas may be delayed as occurred during the Gloucester flooding. The emergency services, local authorities and other organisations will do all they can to protect lives and property, however, during an emergency they will need to prioritise their response.

To prepare for circumstances like this we are working hard to improve the resilience of our local communities.

Making sure your Household, Family and Friends are prepared

One of the simplest but most effective things you can do is to create a Household Emergency Plan for yourself and those close to you. A Household Emergency Plan can:

  • Help you prepare for emergencies
  • Help you to stay calm if an emergency were to take place
  • Minimise the impacts of an emergency should you be affected

Find out more about preparing a Household Emergency Plan.

Be organised and better able to cope in an emergency before it takes place. This increases the safety of both you and those close to you.

Click here for information on preparing for a dealing with hot weather.

What are the Risks we all Face?

In order to be prepared people need to be aware of the risks that they face. There are National and Local Community Risk Registers produced and published which tell people about the types of risks that we all face and how these might affect us.

Local Community Risk Register for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

Find out more about the National Risk Register

How Safe is your Business?

To minimise the impact on the community, business owners and workers, it is important that local businesses and organisations have plans to ensure that they have a relatively quick and painless return to "business as usual" in the event of a major disruption.

While it is impossible to predict every kind of possible incident that may threaten your business or organisation you can develop a basic plan.

Find out what you can do to protect your business or organisation.

What are we Doing to Prepare for Emergencies?

There are numerous hazards and threats that can have an impact on individuals and communities.

Nottingham City Council, along with its partner agencies, develops and maintains a number of emergency plans that can be used to respond to such emergencies. Find out more about what Nottingham City Council is doing to prepare for emergencies.

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