Training Quality Assurance Scheme

Training Quality Assurance Scheme

The NCSCB has a Safeguarding Training Quality Assurance Scheme to support your organisations to quality assure their introductory level safeguarding children training content.

Safeguarding Board Partner Organisations

If your organisation has a representative on the Nottingham City Safeguarding Children Board (NCSCB) or Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Children Board (NSCB), then there is a requirement for your introductory level safeguarding training to be quality assured and validated by the Boards.

Please see the following Training Quality Assurance Scheme document, and contact the appropriate Board Training Officer for more details.

City: ncscbtraining@nottinghamcity.gov.uk or 0115 876 4762

County: training.nscb@nottscc.gov.uk or 0115 977 4439

For Organisations that are not Board Partners

For any other organisation in Nottingham City or Nottinghamshire, please see the attached checklist that can be used to assure yourselves that your introductory level safeguarding children training is up to date and meets minimum requirements agreed by the NCSCB and NSCB.

This checklist can also be used as a means to assure yourselves of the suitability of any training you may buy in.

The checklist will be updated, as a minimum, on an annual basis in March of each year, but also if there are any significant national or local changes.

Please note that when you have used this checklist, this does not enable you to include the NCSCB / NSCB logos on your training materials, However, you may use the following statement:

Our training materials include all the recommended content included within the 'Training Content Checklist' provided annually by the NCSCB/NSCB.

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