Foster Carer Stories

Every foster carer is different, as are the children they care for. A number of our foster carers agreed to tell us why they foster as well as the challenges and rewards.

We filmed some of our passionate and dedicated foster carers who agreed to share their experiences to help inspire others to come forward. This video captures the best bits of those individual interviews.

Catherine, Short Breaks Contract Carer

Being the parent or carer of a child with additional needs can be hard work. But Contract Foster Carer Cat says that her role - which involves looking after young people on a short term basis in her own home - is exactly what she was looking for.

Carol, on being a short term foster carer

Carol and her husband applied to become foster carers over five years ago after making an initial enquiry with Nottingham City Council at the Caribbean Carnival. They had been thinking about fostering for some time and with three children of their own who have flown the nest they felt it was time to "help someone else and make a difference."

Kim and Adrian, on being long term foster carers 

Kim and Adrian have been long term foster carers for five years. They have grown up children of our own but as Adrian explained "We wanted to change another child's life."

Bridget, on being a foster carer

Bridget is one Nottingham City Council's long standing carers. Throughout her 13 year fostering career she has looked after children of all ages but teenagers mainly, now that her own children have grown up and left home. 

Click play on the video below to watch Bridget's interview.

Sheila, on being a Foster Carer

Sheila is approved to foster children and young people up to the age of 18. Her experience of short and long term fostering has seen her care for many children throughout her nine year career. Coming from a large family herself has taught Sheila the importance of keeping siblings together. She currently fosters a sibling group of three between the ages of 8 and 13. Click play on the video below to watch Sheila's interview.

Gill and Dick, on being long term Foster Carers

Gill and her husband, both over fifty were approved in 2011 to foster children aged 6+. During that time they have covered most types of fostering including respite, emergency and both short and long term. Gill works full time whilst her husband (a retired police officer), stays at home. "We said to ourselves, we've got a lot to give, why don't we put something back?" Click play on the video below to watch their interview

Jane and Sue's story

Jane and Sue began fostering with Nottingham City Council in 2006 after spending a few years working for private agencies. They are approved to look after newborns and children up to the age of three and have looked after a number of children with complex issues. During their career they have experienced both short and long term fostering and have taken on a number of bridging placements. Click play on the video below to watch Jane and Sue's interview

Lesley, on fostering children with complex needs

Lesley has been fostering with Nottingham City Council for around nine years. During this time she has cared for newborn babies, two year olds, four year olds as well as emergency placements. More recently she has cared for two disabled children.

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