Short break for Foster Caring

Some families with a disabled child find they need a respite from caring for their child. We need people to become approved short break foster carers who can offer a short break fostering option for the disabled child on a regular basis.

Short breaks fostering scheme

The short break fostering scheme offers short breaks to disabled children aged 0-19 years. Short break foster carers usually provide overnight stays to a young person two or three nights a month, allowing them to have a break from their family home and their family to have a break from caring for them.

"Hello, I want to tell you about myself. I live with my family and once a month I go and stay with another family in their home. I get chance to make new friends, have fun and go to new places. I feel safe and happy and I love going there because I've got to know the other family really well. My short breaks are organised by the short breaks fostering team." a young person who receives short term foster care.

Making a difference

Short breaks make a difference to the life of a disabled child and their family by:

  • Promoting the child's independence
  • Providing new social opportunities
  • Involving the child in the community
  • Parents are able to spend quality time with other children and so the whole family benefits

It is rewarding to see that you can make a difference to someone's life.

Short break carers are ordinary people from various backgrounds who are able to:

  • Work in partnership with parents and families
  • Meet the child's cultural, religious and racial needs
  • Provide a safe, caring and fun environment
  • Provide time and patience

We are presently under represented by carers from the black and Asian communities and it is important that we provide a service that is representative of the communities that we serve. We would therefore welcome applications from potential carers from the above cultures.

Could you become a short breaks Foster Carer?

Even a few hours a month can make a difference to disabled children and their families. You don't need to have experience of working with disabled children as our ongoing training and support will provide you with the knowledge that you will require.

The short breaks fostering Team welcomes enquiries from people regardless of their gender, marital status, disability, age, sexual orientation or employment status.

To become an approved short break carer, you will undergo a comprehensive fostering application process with full support from the Short breaks fostering Team.

Once approved you will be:

  • Carefully matched with a child
  • Continually supported by the short breaks fostering team and Carers Support Group
  • Paid sessional allowances and expenses
  • Given opportunities to learn and ask questions

What is said about Short breaks fostering?

"I am delighted that Karen chose Paul.  I feel 100% confident in her ability to take care of him." a parent

"We care for Leena on a short break basis. We have been with the short breaks fostering scheme for four years now. The team have been very supportive and encouraging and have provided training that has taught us a lot about disability. We find caring for Leena in our home fulfilling and enjoyable." a carer

For more information please contact the short breaks team, based at Loxley house on 0115 876 2745

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