Children needing Adoption

There are over 6,000 children across the UK needing adoption every year.

The children in our care

Our Adoption Placement Advisors are currently home finding for 30 children, including seven siblings groups.

We home find for a range of children, aged from birth up to 9 years, this includes both male and female children and sibling groups of 2, 3 and 4.  A number of these children have experienced physical and emotional abuse and sometimes suffered traumatic experiences and severe neglect.  Their birth parents may have had difficulties themselves and may not want their child to be placed for adoption. This can cause delays in the early planning for children resulting in a number of older children waiting for their forever family.  Older children having experienced family disruption may have behavioural or emotional difficulties.  Some children may have learning problems, be developmentally delayed or have uncertainty regarding their future development.

There has been a rise in the number of sibling groups needing to be adopted and where possible we always look to keeping siblings together. Where this is not possible we ensure that direct contact with their brothers and sisters is included and supported in the adoption plan.

All these children need the love and security of family life.  Our priority is to find families for all these children. 

We particularly welcome enquiries and applications from people who can consider:

  • Sibling groups of brothers and sisters, particularly of three or more children where the eldest is over 7 years of age
  • Children of all ages - boys and girls, with health problems, delayed development, disabilities and uncertainty around their future development
  • Children of dual heritage (usually African Caribbean/White) particularly brothers and sisters of school age
  • All children aged 3 years and over
  • We do not normally accept applications for "baby only" adoptions however we do promote 'Foster to Adopt'

Child Profiles

2 year old George, White British

George was born at 32 weeks gestation and was in hospital for two weeks before being placed with his foster carer. George was unable to live with his birth family as his birth mother had five children removed previously around issues of neglect.

When George first became looked after, concerns were raised at his medical about his development, his eyesight and also the shape of his head; the Paediatrician said he had dysmorphic features. At a medical in January 2013, the Paediatrician was pleased with George's progress. The previous concerns with regards to his eyes not following the red pompom are no longer a concern, and the dysmorphic features are less so as George is growing older. As of February 2014, George is showing signs of some developmental delay. George has not yet started talking in full sentences; he can squeal and use basic baby talk such as yes or no and since being in his new placement there are real signs of George trying to form sentences, his most recent new word being 'yogurt!' George took his first steps in February 2014 and as of March 2014 George is running!

George has thrived with his foster family. George has three older brothers and two older sisters, including one who has a diagnosis of autism and traits of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). George has undergone genetic testing and the results were negative. Direct and Indirect contact will need to be promoted with his four siblings.

16 month old Joshua, White British/Black Caribbean

Joshua is a beautiful, engaging little boy with a fantastic smile for everyone.

Joshua became looked after from birth following concerns regarding parental drug and alcohol misuse. He has remained in hospital since birth due to a number of significant health needs and as of June 2014 plans are in place to begin the discharge process for Joshua to move to his current foster carer's home.

He loves musical toys, anything that makes a noise! His favourites are his soft drum which plays sounds when you bang on the top and his piano placed at the bottom of his cot so he can kick his feet and play tunes. He also spends a lot of time smiling at himself in the mirror! Joshua will lie in his cot and move himself around, lifting his bum up and with support will stand and bounce himself. Joshua is now able to sit unaided for 1 minute and is improving each and every day. His carer has begun using sign language with Joshua on a daily basis.

Joshua was 7 weeks premature. There is a history of antenatal maternal substance abuse and as a result Joshua suffered significant withdrawal symptoms. He will require long term ventilation and long term antibiotics through a Broviac line, this line needs to remain in place as IV access can be problematic.

Joshua is unable to swallow and requires suction 3-4 times per day. He has a diagnosis of chronic lung disorder and will require oxygen on discharge from hospital. Joshua has a hole in his heart which will require surgery in the future.

Potential adopters will require training on all of Joshua's medical needs, Joshua will require a full time carer to be with him at all times, this will include a skilled trained carer supported through Homecare. Joshua cannot be placed in a rural location and must be placed close to a medical facility and Intensive Care Unit should he require emergency hospitalisation.

Sibling group - Callum (9), Phoebe (7), Edward (5) and Chloe (3), White British

Callum, Phoebe, Edward and Chloe are siblings who share a very close, loving and supportive relationship. The children are close in age and have therefore grown up together, genuinely enjoying each others company. The children became looked after in April 2014. They experienced neglect from their birth mother and were regularly left to care for themselves. Their basic care needs, along with their emotional needs were often unmet leaving them to rely upon each other for love and support. Concerns regarding ongoing issues of domestic violence which the children had continued to witness but were afraid to talk to anyone about has had an impact on their emotional health.

Callum and Phoebe are very close in age and spend a lot of their time playing together. They are bright and articulate children who particularly enjoy completing educational activities, very happily and good naturedly competing against each other.

Phoebe is protective over Chloe and likes to make sure that she is happy. Phoebe is always happy and willing to play games with Chloe, and is perfectly content for these to be the games that Chloe chooses to play.

Edward is the most gregarious of the siblings and can be the most outgoing. Edward likes to play with all his siblings equally, and particularly enjoys leading the games they play. Edward has a charming character and will get his siblings' attention by making them laugh.

We are looking for a one or two-parent adoptive family living outside Nottingham City who can reflect or actively develop Callum, Phoebe, Edward and Chloe's ethnic and cultural identity.

Sibling group - James (4) Matthew (7)

James and Matthew are brothers who have always lived together and need to stay together. Both children experienced a lack of care until becoming looked after. They share a close bond and have made attachments to their carers. James is a happy, active little boy with a healthy appetite who enjoys running around and playing with his train track. He responds to affection and loves to be cuddled. Matthew is also a happy, active little boy who is doing really well at school. Matthew loves to reach out for a hug and is becoming very confident of late. Both children have a healthy appetite and good bedtime routine. James and Matthew have a close relationship and look out for each other.

17 month old Robert, White/African Caribbean

Robert is described as a delightful white/African Caribbean baby to care for. He does have some health needs which are currently being investigated, including having some genetic testing. There is some developmental uncertainty with Robert at this time.  Robert loves the company of older children and they in turn love to play with him.

Robert has been with his current foster carers since birth. He is clearly attached to them and they to him. The foster carers believe that Robert needs his own family and they are looking forward to helping him move into a permanent adoptive family. We hope to find a family who understands that  Robert does have some developmental uncertainty at this time and somebody who can work through this with Robert.

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