Home Finding for Adopters

Our Adoption Placement Advisors are a dedicated team that strive to find permanent secure and loving families for every child with a plan of adoption in Nottingham City.

They offer a unique service to Nottingham City by identifying links between children and adoptive parents at the earliest opportunity.

Our team of four full time Adoption Placement Advisors have worked within the fields of Children and Families and Fostering and Adoption for many years. They have a broad and thorough understanding of the adoption linking and matching process.

Their combined expertise is helping reduce delay in the home finding process with children are being matched to adoptive parents sooner. Since the team was established in 2012 Nottingham City Council has seen the number of adoptions increase by almost 40%.

Wherever possible, the team place children locally as this has significant benefits to both the children and their adopters; such as preserving a child's identity and promoting their life history.

If a suitable match cannot be found, the team search for other suitable links outside the city to through a number of channels:

  • Other Local Authorities
  • Voluntary Adoption Agencies
  • East Midlands Consortium
  • The Adoption Register
  • Be My Parent
  • The Adoption Link Website
  • Adoption Activity Days
  • Profiling Evenings
  • Adoption Exchange Days
  • Home Finders Working Group

Step by Step Process

  1. Our advisors create profiles for all Nottingham City children with a plan of adoption, this is then used in the home-finding process to establish potential links
  2. They personally visit every child with a plan for adoption to take photos and create videos. This adds a human touch to the profiles and means that there is not one child within Nottingham City with a plan of adoption that the team have not met
  3. The team read through all the Prospective Adopters Reports (PAR) that are sent for each child, ensuring that the best possible links are found
  4. Once a suitable link(s) with a prospective adopter is found, our advisors share these reports with the relevant Child's Social Worker. The final decision about which adopter would be the most suitable match is made by the Child's Social Worker
  5. The team then visit these potential adopters with the Child's Social Worker to share detailed reports, photos and videos of the child, which really bring the child to life for the adopter
  6. They also track the child's journey on our unique 'Storyboards'. This recording system enables us to ensure nationally agreed timescales are met and ensure there is evidence of every link that has been explored for every child the team are home finding for, until a suitable match has been found

Profiling Evenings

Our Profiling Evenings are an opportunity for unapproved and approved adopters to meet the team and the Children's Social Workers, view profiles and DVDs of the children and look for potential links. A number of links identified at these events have been approved at match panel.

As part of the linking and matching process, our advisors manage all the Profiling Evenings, which are unique to Nottingham City. We also refer children to BAAF for the Adoption Activity Days and the Adoption Register for the Exchange Days. The team attend these events that are run across the country to provide support for our children and our adopters. These events are imperative for our harder to place children as it gives them additional exposure to adopters.

Our individual approach of including the child in the work we do is recognised by the British Association of Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) and we are a flagship service for other Local Authorities who seek our advice.

We promote our service through our Home Finders Working group, which brings together all the home finders within the East Midlands Consortium to share best practice ideas. These run every six weeks and are hosted and organised by our Adoption Placement Advisors.

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