Quality Monitoring Framework

The Quality Monitoring Framework (QMF) is a process to measure the quality of services contracted by Nottingham City Council in order to deliver care and support provision for children and vulnerable adults living in Nottingham City.

The QMF allows for an assessment of quality under the following four key areas:

  • Assessment and care/support provision
  • Safeguarding
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Involvement and Empowerment

As part of the quality assessment, service providers may be asked to complete a self assessment prior to a quality visit. The self assessment template can be downloaded here:

When completing a self assessment or preparing for your quality visit, please refer to the appropriate guidance notes for your service area

The Quality Monitoring Policy has been designed to provide you with further detail regarding the aims and objectives, who the QMF applies to, the accompanying guidance and the process:

The QMF was streamlined as part of a review of contract management processes during 2013. During the development of the QMF, service providers were engaged in consultation and piloting exercises. Feedback from the Strategic Procurement team in relation to this can be found here:

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