Commissioning, Contracting & Procurement

Service needs of vulnerable adults, children and families are addressed by Nottingham City Council's Strategy and Commissioning Directorate.  Services are commissioned and procured for delivery by the Voluntary, Community and Private Sectors, and we engage with them to develop this market. We also lead Nottingham's approach to Early Intervention, aiming to provide integrated support to children, adults and families seeking to focus on the causes rather than the symptoms of their problems.

Commissioning of Adult, Children and Family Services
Commissioning is defined as the assessing the needs of people in a local area, designing services, and then securing /monitoring their delivery and effectiveness.

Procurement, Contracting and Quality of Services
Where adults and children's services are required in Nottingham, services are procured and then secured by contractual agreements with appropriate providers.

Market Development
If you're a current or a prospective provider of adult, children's and family services in the Nottingham area, these pages will help you understand the background to our local market and the ways we expect it to develop. They also signpost you to appropriate advice and guidance.

Commissioning, Contracting and Procurement Latest News
On this page you will find the latest news relating to Commissioning, Contracting and procurement.


Care Support and Enablement Services

If you are a provider of Care Support and Enablement Services for adults within the Nottingham City region, and wish to become an Accredited Provider, this page outlines how your organisation can apply for a contract with Nottingham City Council.

This process will be used to develop a list of assessed and approved Providers to deliver Care Support and Enablement (CSE) Services for adults as they are required. The Council will place packages through the Accreditation as its sole contracting mechanism (at the expiry of the current CSE Framework in March 2018) and intends to transfer all existing spot contracts which are commissioned outside of the Current CSE Framework to the Accreditation under new terms and conditions.

Application Pack

The accreditation application pack for the provision of Care Support and Enablement Services for adults:


Please submit completed application forms by email to procurement@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

Information and instructions about how to complete the application form are available to download above.


Any questions in relation to completing the application form or the content of the Accreditation documents should be emailed to procurement@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

Next Steps

During the assessment, providers may be contacted for further information or to clarify responses. Approved providers will be issued with a contract with Nottingham City Council, a copy of which is available to download and view as part of the application pack.  Applications will be considered on a regular basis. Please note that it could take up to 8 weeks from submission of an application to the award of a contract, if an application is successful