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Please call 01158763813 for all Advertising enquiries. 

We offer highly effective and competitively priced advertising rates for the Arrow magazine that can help you reach hundreds of thousands of people across Nottingham.

An essential read for all city residents, the magazine features a range of local news, information on services and regular competitions. Each edition is distributed directly to 126,100 homes by Royal Mail to Nottingham's 314,300 residents

With such a high reach, the Arrow offers the highest print penetration in Nottingham, making it one of the best opportunities for you to reach your target audience in the city.

Features and benefits

Effective, widespread distribution:
Delivered by Royal Mail, also available at City GP's surgeries, Police stations and Council access points

We offer insert distribution to either the whole city or can target specific areas or postcodes

Dynamic, useful content that readers use for reference ensures a long shelf life

Poly wrapped
Poly wrapped to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

Back page - £2,350
Full page - £2,000
Half page - £1,200

Next editions
October, December, February


For further information or for a quote, please contact us on 0115 876 3813/0115 876 3360 or email: advertise@nottinghamcity.gov.uk.

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