WISE education resources available for hire

In addition to working with our WISE Education Officer, you can hire some of the WISE resources to use for yourself. We have resources available for both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two available for hire. The following page provides more information about the resources and tells you how they can be hired

Waste Education Resources

If you are interested in hiring either of the below resources, or require more information, please contact the WISE Education Officer by emailing wise@nottinghamcity.gov.uk or calling 07956 220693.

Might be Useful Resource Kit

Key Stage 1

Tailored to fit the demands of the national curriculum and the Literacy Hour, these resources provide more than two weeks of literacy and music work suitable for year one and year two pupils.

Literacy activities include:

  • guided reading
  • text and picture sequencing
  • cloze procedure
  • diary writing
  • character study
  • labelling and lists

Music activities include:

  • singing 'recycled' songs
  • exploring sounds
  • using simple notation and composing / performing a musical narration of the story

These activities are easily implemented by non-music specialists. This pack comprises 'Might Be Useful' in PowerPoint format, 5 copies of the book, teachers' resource on CD and box of colourful musical instruments is made completely from recycled objects.

Scrapman Resource Kit

Key Stage 2

This resource provides materials for more than two weeks of 3Rs-related literacy work for KS2 pupils, using 'Scrapman' and non-fiction texts as a starting point. Activities include:

  • diary and letter writing¬†
  • persuasive writing
  • sequencing
  • charts
  • poster design
  • a study of fonts, text and content of leaflets
  • writing frames
  • note-taking and presentation planning

The basic pack comprises a 'Scrapman' big book, a small book and the teachers' resource book on CD.

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