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Find out more about the WISE project, including the activities available from foundation level through to Key Stage 4, useful websites for teachers and online games for pupils

The WISE project

The WISE project combines activities for learners of all ages. On this page you will find details of the activities we offer for the following levels:

You will also find the following information:


Mini Assembly

Children are introduced to the 'happy bin' and the 'sad bin' and discover what materials go in each.

WISE Owl Story Time

Environmental themed stories which help children understand how and why we need to care for the environment.

Bin Detectives

A short session where children feel different waste material and decide which bin it should go in.

Recycled Musical Instruments

Play musical instruments and have a sing-along.

Wiggly Worms

Children discover what worms like to eat and what they don't like to eat and if they are feeling brave get to hold a worm.

Key Stage 1 and 2

Waste - The Big Picture

An interactive assembly which highlights the key concepts of waste disposal in Nottingham city and the 4Rs solutions. It also explores the bigger impact of pollution on the environment.

Waste Audit

This fun and highly practical activity allows pupils to measure the rubbish their school produces as well as identifying school waste issues. The audit is carried out by a small group of students such as a selected class, the School Council or Eco Committee.

Action Planning

Using data from the waste audit, the Education Officer and pupils work together and come up with a plan of action to reduce, reuse, repair and recycle within the school.

Recycled Paper Making

Pupils learn the 'lifecycle of paper recycling' by undertaking the paper making process themselves.

The Sustainable Lunch Box

Children are made aware of healthy eating and the five main groups of food. The activity raises awareness of over-packaged lunchboxes and where the waste may end up.

Creative Composting

Pupils learn the inside knowledge of composting making before they go on to create their own mini composter.

Wonderful Wiggly Worms

Pupils explore the lifecycle of worms and the role they play as one of nature's top recyclers.

Solar Car

Children find out the different types of renewable energy and the importance The children will get the opportunity to build a solar car and race it.

Extra's (not delivered by the Education Officer)

Recycling Discover Box

Explore the wonders of recycling with this box of fun educational and recycling games, toys and activities.

Happening Homework Challenge

The 'Happening Homework Challenge' accompanies work being done by pupils on reducing, reusing, repairing and recycling of waste at their school, reinforcing the work by taking the message home.

Key stage 3 and 4

The Nottingham City Council WISE project offers help and advice to schools on waste issues. Practical support is also provided through exciting activities on reducing, reusing, repairing, recycling of waste.

Below are a few activities which have been developed we can offer more tailored-made lessons to suit.

Waste and the Environment - The Bigger Picture

An interactive assembly which highlights the key concepts of waste disposal in Nottingham city and the 4Rs solutions. It also explores the bigger impact of pollution on the environment.

Waste Wheel

Three short educational and physical activities which allow pupils to discover and explore recycling, composting and waste reduction.

To take part in this trial, to obtain more information or to discuss developing new activities to meet your schools needs please contact the Education Officer on 07956 220693, wise@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

Ongoing Support

Seasonal Specials

Workshops and activities are delivered throughout the year in celebration of special events like Christmas, Easter and National Campaigns, for example, 'Recycle Now' week. These seasonal specials will be advertised in advance on the WISE e-newsletter.

Waste Education Resources Boxes

You can also borrow free resources from WISE. Contact the Education Officer on 07956 220693 to discuss availability of the resources and duration of hire.

Please be aware that collection and delivery of the resources are the responsibility of the hiring person. The hired kits should be returned in a clean and good condition. A charge for the cleaning or replacement of the equipment is applied, if items are returned damaged or dirty.

Online Resources

There are many resource packs available free and to buy online. Click here to visit the Learning Resource DatabaseOpens new window on the Recycle Now website and search for resource by subject, key stage and curriculum links.

Environmental web pages for teachers

The following are links are useful web pages for teachers:

Online recycling games for pupils


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