Recycling from Schools

Find out how you can recycle more in school by using the council's recycling collection, taking advantage of Devizes Textiles collections from schools and do your own composting

Paper and card

Nottingham City Council provides all schools with a free 1100 litre paper/card recycling bin if your school takes part in the WISE programme. A second paper/card recycling bin can also be provided for £5.00 a week. For more information please call our Business waste collection team on 0115 915 2111.

Textiles and Shoes

Nottingham City Council is working with Devizes Textiles to provide free textile collection from schools. Devizes Textiles will pay schools for the textiles collected for more information contact 0116 235 5278 or email: diqueenborough@aol.com


Nottingham City Council is working with Great Green Systems to encourage everyone to compost suitable waste from school. To order a compost bin for your school please email: wise@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

Battery Recycling

If your school would like to recycle batteries please email: wise@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

Other recycling options

Below are links to the websites of other charities or organisations who offer recycling opportunities for schools:

Writing instruments (ballpoint, felt tips, markers, highlighters and correction fluid)

Cash for cartridges

pdsa – stamp and coins

Nowzad – stamp and coins

Please note there are many charities to donate old stamps and coins too, please search on-line for further information

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