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What is the ARC project?

The ARC project aims to help SMEs located in Greater Nottingham to decarbonise by providing a support service offering carbon reduction advice and an associated grant programme to enable them to reduce their carbon emissions.

Part funded by the European Regional Development Fund. It aims to accelerate companies onto the next stage of growth through the introduction of energy and resource efficiency measures and the reduction of operating costs, leading to increased productivity.

The project supports the reduction of carbon by businesses largely through the improvement of energy performance of buildings and production processes.

The project can also support broader decarbonisation activities by businesses such as resource efficiency and ‘smart’ energy applications. This complements the more ‘traditional’ activities which improve energy performance such as LED lighting, improved insulation and heating/cooling systems, and production of renewable energy.

ARC is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and support from the project is available until June 2023.

What does the project offer?

The project provides advice, support and grant funding to enable eligible businesses to:

  • introduce measures which will reduce their carbon emissions
  • introduce more energy efficient equipment into production processes
  • adopt renewable energy generating technologies

There are 2 strands to the project:

Free carbon reduction audits
Our Energy Advisor can undertake an audit of business premises to identify how a business can reduce its carbon emissions. Recommendations can include energy efficient LED lighting, insulation, improved heating/cooling systems, compressors, process equipment, renewable energy generation, resource efficiency, waste reduction as well as staff behaviour change.

Grants for carbon reduction measures
Grants are available to support the implementation of carbon reduction measures for eligible businesses. Grants are available for between £1,000 and £16,000, covering up to 35% of the total cost of works (excluding VAT). The minimum project value is c. £2,900 exclusive of VAT.

Please note grant beneficiaries are required to pay for all works in advance of claiming payment of a grant. Grants will only be paid after the works are complete and evidence provided to the ARC team.


Support from the project is open to businesses who:

  • are located in Greater Nottingham (please refer to this map showing the area that the project covers)
  • has less than 250 employees
  • has a turnover less than €50m or a balance sheet total of less than €43m
  • is not more than 25% owned by a company that isn't an SME
  • is not trading in an excluded sector (please refer to guidance notes)

How to register your business with ARC

Contact the project manager on 0115 876 4271 or david.kelly@nottinghamcity.gov.uk to discuss how the project can help you


Complete and submit an expression of interest/enrolment form. When received we will contact you to arrange a site visit to undertake a carbon reduction audit and discuss grant support.

How to apply for a grant

Eligibility to apply for a grant is determined by submitting an expression of interest/enrolment form.

If you are eligible for a grant you will need to:

  • decide what carbon reduction measures you want to apply for grant support toward
  • obtain quotes for each of the measures
  • complete a grant application form
  • submit the application form, quotes and copies of financial information

The ARC team will work with you to complete the application. It is a short and simple form and much of the information required will be provided in the audit report.

Please refer to the applicant guidance notes for the detail on applying for a grant, particularly rules concerning eligibility, procurement and claiming payment of grant.

Contact us

Contact our project manager on 0115 876 4271 or david.kelly@nottinghamcity.gov.uk