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Update on Energy Bill Rebate payments for Nottingham residents

Updated: 26 August 2022

We know many families in Nottingham are struggling and will be concerned about the new energy price cap announced today (August 26th).

We are still accepting applications for the Government’s £150 Council Tax rebate. We have processed applications from 83% of eligible households but some households have still not responded to us and we would urge them to do so to claim the rebate they are entitled to, whether they pay by direct debit or not.

We are proactively contacting claimants where we have been unable to verify their bank account details. We have emailed everyone who supplied an email address and are writing to a small minority who either don’t have email or where the email we sent failed. If people have submitted a claim and are awaiting payment, it’s probably worth checking their email’s junk mail in case they have missed this email.

We have set up a helpline to provide support to people wishing to apply – details are on the information we are sending to eligible households. Ultimately we will credit their Council Tax account with £150 if we don’t hear back from them. We are also rolling out further discretionary payments, between £10 and £150, for certain households

There is more advice and information for people with concerns about financial issues at www.asklion.co.uk.

Update: 2nd August 2022

Good news for people in Nottingham struggling with energy bills who weren’t eligible for the £150 payment that has already been made.

A further element of the rebate scheme is being introduced to help certain groups of people who weren’t eligible for the £150 payment.

This includes one-off payments for households in these groups:

  • Households in Council Tax bands E – H who get Council Tax reduction
  • Households in bands E – H who get Disability Relief
  • Households in bands E – H who get Carers Discount
  • Households in bands E-H who don’t pay Council Tax due to all residents being under 18 or only occupied by severely mentally impaired residents
  • Houses of Multiple Occupation such as house shares, where residents pay their energy bills but not their Council Tax
  • Care leavers who have left care in Nottingham city and who are under 25
  • Pensioners in Council Tax bands A-H who get Council Tax support 
  • Households of working age people who get Council Tax support

The amounts will vary from small top up payments to full awards depending on the criteria set. If we already have your bank account details on record we will automatically credit your account, otherwise you will hear from us in the coming weeks advising how to claim. We will update these pages when payments start, in the meantime, please don’t contact us as our teams are busy ensuring everyone receives their payments as soon as possible.

Update: 4th July 2022

The £150 Energy Bill Rebate payment announced by the Government has now been processed by the council to the majority of eligible Nottingham Council Tax payers who pay by Direct Debit.

More than 69,000 payments have been made totalling over £10m.

If you are a direct debit payer but haven’t yet received your payment this could be for a number of reasons, usually this is because the name on your Council Tax account and bank account don’t match up.  We are working through any cases which haven’t been paid and are paying these as we progress.  If we need to contact you to resolve any outstanding issues we will do this as quickly as possible so you can receive the payment.

For those who pay their Council Tax by another method where we don’t hold bank details, we are contacting around 2,000 people a day by post explaining how to claim the payment.

The letters include a unique one time only passcode and a web link to provide the details we require. This information will need be checked and verified to make sure we are able to make the payment. Please type the full web link included in the letter into the web address box to apply – if you let your web browser ‘auto fill’ it may take you to the wrong page.  When entering the pass code please take care to use exactly the same format of upper and lower case letters.  So we can prioritise helping everyone who needs it, we are asking for you to only contact us if you have received a letter and are having difficulty following the instructions.

Payments are likely to take up to 14 days. We will be in touch if we are unable to make the payment or if we require any further information following the checks.

If we have not received bank details by 20th August 2022, in order to make the payment, we will credit the person’s Council Tax account.

Please only contact us if you have received a letter and are unsure how to claim.

In respect of the discretionary scheme for Council Tax bands E to H, we will be setting out the criteria and process shortly.

Advice and support for anyone struggling financially is available from Citizens Advice and Money Saving Expert


Who will qualify?

Properties that are your main home and banded A-D or Band E with a disabled relief. Find out what band you are in. Second homes and unoccupied properties are excluded.

Properties that are exempt from Council Tax but will still qualify for the rebate include:

  • Students
  • Severely Mentally Impaired
  • Occupied Annexe
  • Occupied by persons under the age of 18

The dwelling you occupy has a council tax band on 1st April 2022. 

How will I receive the rebate?

For people who pay council tax by direct debit, in most cases, the rebate will go directly into bank accounts. Please do not contact us to chase payment, we will get it to you as soon as possible. 

If you do not pay by direct debit we will be writing to you soon with information about how to apply.  

Why isn’t the £150 rebate showing on my Council Tax bill?

The payment will be paid to directly into your bank account if you pay by Direct Debit and will not show on your bill as a reduction in the amount you pay. If you do not pay your council tax by Direct Debit, we will contact you to arrange payment. You must pay your Council Tax amount as stated on the bill. 

What if I am not eligible?

A fund has been provided to Councils to help lower income households who may not qualify for the Energy Bill Rebate. This will include households who are on lower incomes or in receipt of the Council Tax Reduction Scheme (CTRS) and who are in higher than band D property.

Further information on this discretionary fund will be available on this webpage in the coming weeks.

What other support is available for households with their energy bills?

Please visit Gov UK for the latest information on support being provided to help with the cost of living.