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Every year, the Council's financial position continues to get more and more difficult. This year, we are again giving you the opportunity to have your say in this new "Your City Your Services" survey.

Next year, the grant money we get from the Government for our day-to-day spending will be cut yet again - this time by around £30 million. This is on top of the £72 million funding reduction we have had since 2010.

And while the Government pays less in grant towards council services, we are seeing the demand for some of our most vital services such as child protection and elderly care continue to grow.

Last year, we asked for your views on which council services are important to you and where you thought savings could be made. This information helped us make decisions to try to protect things like support for elderly and vulnerable people and tackling crime and anti-social behaviour.

Your responses will help us once again as we try to meet the huge challenges which could have major implications for the services we provide for Nottingham citizens. 

Your City Your Services Survey

Let us know your views by completing this online survey.

Complete this survey for a chance to WIN two tickets to see this year's Theatre Royal panto - 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' on Friday 12 December (7.15 pm performance).

We're facing budget pressures like never before

  • £30 million cut in Government grant to the City Council next year
  • Over the last 3 years we have made savings totaling £77.5 million
  • Over the last four years inflationary demographic and other budget pressures have meant the Council has had to find an extra £73 million
  • By 2017 the number of pupils in our schools is expected to increase by 7.5%
  • The number of people aged over 65 is projected to increase by 8% by 2020. Currently, 52% of over 65s have one or more long term conditions
  • The number of children in care has increased 8.9% since 2012.What we spend on your services

What we spend on your services

  • Services to elderly and vulnerable people - £92.5 million
  • Protecting children - £43 million
  • Public Transport - £16 million
  • Tackling crime and anti-social behaviour - £10 million
  • Street Cleaning - £8 million
  • Street Lighting - £5 million
  • Parks & Open Spaces - £3 million
  • Refuse Collection - £4 million
  • Job Creation - £3.4 million

Half of our day-to-day income is from the Government

As a Council, we are trying to do our best to prioritise:

  • supporting the most vulnerable like elderly people and children where possible
  • supporting local jobs and industry
  • keeping Nottingham a great place to live and work

But we have had to make some tough decisions to balance our budget including:

  • raising charges for parking to bring in more income
  • raising charges for some adult care as more people need the service
  • cutting back on opening hours for some of our leisure and cultural facilities.

In last year's budget we made savings of around £24 million and are continuing to work to root out any waste and inefficiency.

But, due to the scale of the reductions in our budget, we will have to find more ways of reducing or removing some services, find new ways of delivering them and think about introducing or increasing charges.

If you need any further help to access this information please call us on 0115 8763341 or email engage@nottinghamcity.gov.uk.

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