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Budget Consultation 2014/15

City Council to make a further £25.5m savings as Government cuts bite.

Government funding for Council services is shrinking!

Shrinking Government funding and other pressures mean Nottingham City Council must make a further £25.5m of savings next year.

As it prepares to set its 2014/15 budget on top of £99m of savings over the last three years, the City Council has fewer and fewer 'efficiency' options and warns that it is going to get harder to protect services.

The Council has taken a careful and measured approach to the budget in difficult circumstances and has squeezed all it can to protect frontline services and vulnerable citizens. But this cannot be sustained given the scale of further funding reductions being faced - and more difficult decisions are likely in future.

The budget is being set against the backdrop of two reports showing that councils in the Midlands and North have been hit harder than those in the South and South East - with Sigoma, a group of urban councils, claiming that by 2017/18, Nottingham City Council will have lost £848 per person in Government funding cuts and welfare reform, compared to a loss of £117 per person in Windsor and Maidenhead.

Since Government austerity measures began impacting on councils, the City Council has managed to protect key services and once again is prioritising support for vulnerable people, community protection and the Nottingham Jobs Fund. However, it is facing more pressures than ever before including £5.4m for Adults and Children and a further £10.5m in other costs like inflation, and is proposing a budget which would see the loss of up to 76 FTE posts as well as changes to services such as:Unfair on Nottingham? This link opens in a new browser window

Adult Social Care

  • Changes to Housing Related Support for independent living - £800k
  • Changing the way we deliver Homecare - saving £500k

Sports, Culture and Leisure

  • Reducing library book fund by 5% - saving £21k

Nottingham City Homes

  • Working more efficiently with the Council - saving £750k

Children's Services

  • Changes to Children's Centre opening hours - saving £316k
  • Nottingham Futures - Replacing Council funding with other external funding - saving £200k


  • Reducing funding to the One Nottingham Partnership - saving £250k.

Money for council services, the government is providing less... while generally you pay more! The draft budget, which contains a proposed Council Tax increase of 1.95%, also includes ways to generate income, including an extra £1.1m from the Council's energy generating provider, £1m from more efficient use of Council owned property, and generating £600k from new public transport technology and infrastructure.

Deputy Leader, Councillor Graham Chapman, said: "Year by year, the council's financial position gets more and more difficult as Government funding cuts continue to bite and the demand for some of our vital services gets bigger and bigger. The Government is contributing less money to fund council services and local people and businesses in general are contributing more.

"We've worked hard to manage our finances successfully over the last few years and protect services where we can despite the major cuts in our funding. We remain ambitious for the city and will do all we can with our private sector partners to support the local economy and provide jobs for local people.

"We will continue to take a careful and measured approach on behalf of our citizens but it's getting harder and harder as the funding cuts continue to bite but we have reached the point where simply squeezing out waste and becoming more efficient at what we do will not be enough to cover the huge reductions in funding we have to face."

The council is continuing to ask for the public to provide views to help decisions to be made on the budget.

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Draft budget and budget proposals

The Executive Board report below details the Council's budget proposals which are part of the draft Medium Term Financial Plan and were discussed at Executive Board on Tuesday 17 December. The report includes a list of the proposed savings and other changes to the budget. 

Please note:   All links to documents listed below marked 'Accessible Version' are screen reader friendly.

word icon Executive Board Report - Draft Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) [77kb]

word icon Executive Board Report - Draft Medium Term Financial Plan 2014/15 - 2016/17 - Accessible Version [52kb]






The proposals seek to change some services, introduce or increase charges for some services and stop some services. We are proposing a Council tax increase of 1.95% for 2014/15 to meet some of the funding gap this year.

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How to have your say 

Computer icon  Completing this simple online questionnaire
Please note: The online questionnaire is not compatible with screen reader software

Paper icon  word icon Completing a text only / large print version of the questionnaire [32kb]
Return your completed questionnaire in any of the following ways:
email or post it to the FREEPOST address shown below (you do not need a stamp)

Communications and Marketing (Budget 2014)
Nottingham City Council
Loxley House
Station Street
Nottingham NG2 3NG

You can also comment on Twitter via @MyNottingham using #shrink

Citizens icon  Attending one of the community consultation events listed in the table below

If you need any further help to access this information please call us on 0115 8763341 or email

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Community consultation events

Thank you to all citizens who have attended our consultation events.  All feedback received will be considered and will help us make some tough decisions to balance our budget for 2014/15.

Budget pressures This link opens in a new browser window

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We're facing budget pressures like never before

Over the last three years inflationary, demographic and other budget pressures have meant the Council has had to find an extra £57 million

  • The number of children in care has increased by 5.6% [since 2012]
  • Over the last 3 years we have made savings totalling £99 million
  • The number of people aged 65 and over with long-term illness is projected to rise by 6% by 2020 
  • The number of school pupils in our schools is expected to increase by 17% by 2017. But there's currently a significant gap in the funding we've been allocated by government to build new classrooms.

What we spend on your services_What we spend on your services This link opens in a new browser window

  • Services to elderly and vulnerable people - £88 million
  • Protecting children - £41 million
  • Public Transport - £16 million
  • Tackling crime and anti-social behaviour - £10 million
  • Street Cleaning - £7 million
  • Street Lighting - £5 million
  • Parks & Open Spaces - £3 million
  • Refuse Collection - £1.5 million
  • Job Creation - £1.5 million

56% of day-to-day income is from the Government

As a Council, we are trying to do our best to prioritise:

  • supporting the most vulnerable like elderly people and children where possible
  • supporting local jobs and industry
  • keeping Nottingham as a great place to live and work

But we have had to make some tough decisions to balance our budget including:

  • raising charges for some adult care as more people need the service
  • cutting back on opening hours for some of our leisure and cultural facilities

In last year's budget we made efficiencies of around £27million by continuing to work to root out any waste and inefficiency. But, due to the scale of the reductions in our budget, we will have to find more ways of reducing or removing some services, find new ways of delivering them and think about introducing or increasing charges.

What happens next?

  • We will listen to all the comments and suggestions made at our budget consultations, and will combine these with responses to the survey received up to 7 February 2014 to produce a report which will to go Executive Board as part of the budget papers.
  • Executive Board will consider the budget papers on 25 February 2014 and decide what changes, if any, to recommend to the proposed budget.
  • Any survey responses received after 7 February 2014 will be read, and comments which differ from the report to Executive Board will be highlighted to Councillors.
  • On 3 March 2014, a meeting of Full Council will take a final decision on the Council's budget for 2014-2015.

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