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We've reached a critical point for the Council's finances

By next year, the amount of Government grant funding we get for our day-to-day spending will have more than halved since 2013 according to our latest estimates. That's a reduction of nearly £70 million.

Our funding has been reduced sharply in previous years but next year our budget challenge is even harder and deeper.

And while the Government pays less in grant towards council services, we are seeing the demand for some of our most vital services such as child protection and care for the elderly continue to grow.

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We Are facing Budget Pressures like never Before

2015/16 Budget Pressures

  • £30million cut in Government grant to the City Council in 2015/16
  • Over the last 4 years we have made savings totaling £123 million
  • Over the last five years inflationary, demographic and other budget pressures have meant the Council has had to find an extra £85million
  • The number of people aged 65 is projected to increase by 3% by 2019, Currently, 24% of over 65s have one or more long term conditions
  • The number of children in care has increased 8.7% since 2012
  • By 2019 the number of pupils in our schools is expected to increase by 4,500 or 12%

What We Spend on your Services Each Year

(Figures for 2015/16)2015/16 spend on service

  • £89 million: Services to elderly and vulnerable people
  • £44 million: Protecting children
  • £16 million: Public Transport
  • £9 million: Tackling crime and anti-social behaviour
  • £7 million: Street Cleaning
  • £5 million: Street Lighting
  • £4 million: Refuse collection
  • £4 million: Job creation
  • £3 million: Parks and open spaces