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Earlier this year, the Government handed out £300 million of extra cash to some councils through a ‘transitional grant’ scheme – mainly to better off places in the South like Surrey and Hampshire. However, big cities like Nottingham, Derby and Leicester – who have already been hit hardest by funding cuts – got nothing.

Nottingham City Council Budget Pressures

This funding is now being looked into by the National Audit Office and we have made a formal complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office about the Government’s refusal to provide full details relating to how it distributed the money.

It’s important because if this additional money had been shared out equitably it could have meant an extra £2 million
over two years for Nottingham. This would have greatly helped our budget position.

Nottingham City Council Budget Pressures

Meanwhile, we face another year where our overall grant funding from Government for our day-to-day services is expected to be cut once again while we also continue to see increasing demand for many of our services. When you look at the overall funding picture, people in Nottingham are losing £71 per household while in Rutland for example, people are gaining £44.
This means that we have to make some very difficult decisions in the budget ahead.

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