Winter Weather

Nottingham winter services

We work hard to keep the city moving in cold weather. Here's some information you might find useful. 

You can also follow updates via @MyNottingham Twitter and Facebook channels.

In the event of snow and ice, there may be some disruption to our services due to access problems for our vehicles. These services could be affected:

For the latest updates on these services check the council adverse weather page www.nottingham.gov.uk/snow. Please note this page is only live at times of adverse weather when normal services are disrupted.


Nottingham City Council is working hard to keep Nottingham safe and get you where you need to be in winter weather. 

Our teams are ready with:

  • Our seven 17 tonne gritting trucks
  • 3000 tonnes of grit
  • 200 grit bins in priority locations

We grit 445 km of Nottingham's roads every wintry night. Our top priority is keeping the city moving, especially those used by the emergency services and public transport. 

The busiest roads are gritted first. The ones people use to get to schools, workplaces and hospitals. 

You can use grits from one of our 200 grit bins to grit the pavement on your street, or use ordinary table salt on steps and paths.

We have around 200 yellow grit bins placed around the city, sited in places with steep slopes or in areas that are particularly exposed to the elements.

If bins are damaged or low in salt please let us know online.

 Supporting rough sleepers in cold weather

If you see someone sleeping rough in cold weather, please let us know ASAP so that we can help them. 

  • Call 0800 066 5356 and leave a message
  • Text SOT to 80800 then a message
  • Let us know online at the Streetlink website

Find out more about rough sleeping in Nottingham here. 

Looking after each other in cold weather

Not everyone can deal with cold weather easily. Please help those who are older or more vulnerable, by:

  • checking on neighbours and relatives to make sure they're warm enough and have enough food and medication
  • salting paths and clearing snow for older or vulnerable people


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