Local Sustainable Transport Fund Schemes and Initiatives

Information on schemes and initiatives that were funded through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund Programme and information on the Sustainable Travel Transition Year Fund 2016/17

Nottingham received £16.196m for Local Sustainable Transport Fund 2011 to 2015 and then £1.180m for 2015/2016. A further £1.180 million was secured through the continuation round to help local people connect to jobs and services and support the local economy through promoting greater use of sustainable travel choices. This funding ended on 31 March 2016.

The programme has successfully implemented a range of projects which have benefited local residents and businesses with taking up sustainable travel options. An independent evaluation of the programme outcomes show:

  • A total of over 250,000 people were engaged in some way through the Nottingham LSTF programme
  • 919 additional people supported into work equating to 618 FTE positions
  • 325,245 bus trips generated and a net increase of 66,234 additional public transport trips
  • 87,424 people changed cycle behaviour generating 1.4m additional cycling trips, 2,824 more people cycling regularly, 9.2 mins average increase cycling/day and an Average increase of 144km cycled / annum / person
  • 63,288 people changed walking behaviour with 1.6m additional walk trips and 2.3m additional km walked
  • Resulting in 2.18m fewer car trips, 28.4m fewer car km traveled and 23,529 fewer Tonnes CO2 emitted

Further project documentation and monitoring reports can be accessed below (at the bottom of the page). Alternatively, for more information please email transport.strategy@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

Sustainable Travel Transition Year Fund 2016/17

In February 2016, the Department for Transport announced a £20 million Sustainable Travel Transition Year Fund. The competition will award revenue funding to deliver 'ready to go' initiatives during the 2016/17 financial year. This funding is a precursor to the Access Fund 2017 - 2020 which will release a further £60 million. The details of the Access Fund bidding process will be announced in the summer 2016.

The four authorities in the LEP area have joined up to submit a D2N2 Inspire and Connect bid to the Transition Year Fund. A total of £1.875 million revenue is sought to invest in the following three areas:

Employability Support to assist people who are not in employment, education or training: 

  • Discounted local public transport travel for Jobseeker's and cycle maintenance training to develop skills
  • Bike and moped loans, and adult cycle training to broaden horizons

Workplace Travel to lock-in commuting benefits of local sustainable transport investments:

  • Sustainable travel advice and grants for employers distributed via established business networks
  • Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) for low-income households near sustainable transport services/routes

Inspire and Motivate from promotion activities to targeted events focussed on active travel options:

  • Cycle training targeted at students, Jobseeker's, and residents near to cycle routes
  • A D2N2-wide approach to support and enhance existing and new Cycle Hire schemes

An outcome of the Bid is expected in late April 2016. To download the full bid and related appendices please select the following link: Sustainable Travel Transition Year Fund 2016/17 - D2N2: Inspire and Connect Bid. 

Monitoring and Progress Reports

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