Transport Advice and Support for Businesses

Our Transport Strategy Team is able to offer support for Nottingham businesses in a variety of ways to ultimately save local businesses  and its employees, time and money and  to improve the health of everyone.

We offer advice and guidance on the following:

  • Travel events, demonstrations and activities to promote sustainable travel
  • Localised travel information
  • The Cycling Infrastructure Support Grant (CISG) (see below for more information)
  • Travel planning
  • Personal journey planning
  • Negotiated discounted transport offers – Tram, Bus, Train, Robin Hood Card
  • Salary sacrifice/deduction advice
  • Ultra Low Emission Vehicle advice

Support for all businesses

If you are a Nottingham business or a business considering relocating to Nottingham and want to find out more information about the support we can provide you  regarding sustainable transport please contact us on transport.strategy@nottinghamcity.gov.uk with the subject line “Transport Business Support”.

"Totally Transport” Support for Nottingham Business Parks

The Totally Transport project, which is funded through the European Union’s Intelligent Energy Europe Push Pull Project, aims to encourage staff who are located within Nottingham’s three business parks (Nottingham Science Park, NG2 and Nottingham Business Park) to choose more sustainable ways of commuting to work, encouraging work forces to leave the car at home and travel by public transport, bike or on foot for all or part of the journey.  Therefore, reducing car dependency, road congestion, and carbon emissions, improving air quality, personal health & fitness and minimising costs in time and money to businesses and staff.

If you are a business located on one of the business parks and would like FREE information about how we can help you please contact, or to subscribe to the ‘Totally Transport’ e-newsletter to keep up to date on everything Transport for Businesses please email transport.strategy@nottinghamcity.gov.uk with the subject line “Totally Transport”.

Travel Planning guides and information leaflets

Cycling Infrastructure Support Grant

Companies and organisations liable for the Workplace Parking Levy can also apply for the Cycling Infrastructure Support Grant (CISG). This small grant scheme makes capital funding available to support the uptake of cycling by installing cycle parking, facilities, security and access improvements.

For free advice please email transport.strategy@nottinghamcity.gov.uk or call 0115 876 3387.

Nottingham Enterprise Car Club

Nottingham City Council has teamed up with Enterprise Car Club, to provide cars in dedicated bays across the city centre. Membership could be perfect for businesses with limited parking with staff that travel off site regularly. There are currently 15 vehicles at 10 locations across Nottingham with more to follow.

To find out more please visit the Car Club webpage.

Useful Links for Businesses and Employees

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