School Parking Enforcement Programme

An introduction to the innovative programme that aims to help protect Nottingham school children.

What is the SPEP?

The School Parking Enforcement Programme aims to respond proactively to parking issues surrounding schools and tackle the perennial issue of the "school run" which sees traffic build up around the City's schools and cause potential safety issues for children. the scheme has been introduced in response to concerns from local residents, councillors and parents, it allows more flexibility to respond to concerns for action to be taken in relation to inconsiderate and illegal parking around schools.

Note: Alongside this programme Mobile Parking Enforcement Officers will continue to sporadically visit schools during the day

Who is involved?

  • Civil Enforcement Response Team (CERT)
  • The Enforcement Camera Car
  • Police Community Support Officers
  • Community Protection Officers

Tools and Information:

When is it coming to my school?

All Schools will be included into a rolling 8 week programme and receive a week of enforcement action. To view the full programme please download the School Parking Enforcement Schedule 2015/16 alternatively use the drop down menu at the bottom of the page and select your schools area to find a full list of dates.

School Keep Clear Campaign

September 2014 sees the launch of a new school parking safety campaign which sees the Road Safety team produce an adapted version of a video showcasing hundreds of school children singing a song asking parents to park further away from the school gates avoiding the zig zags. The idea of the campaign is to raise awareness of safe parking surrounding schools and challenges Nottingham schools, parents and children to create their own version of the song.

For more information on the campaign and to see the videos please visit the School Keep Clear Campaign webpage.

Road Safety education

The City Council has operated a comprehensive Road Safety education programme for many years which uses the principles of early intervention to target appropriate safety education learning at key stages as children progress through school. This learning is used in adult life and in helping future generations of children.

The benefits of maintaining this service and driving new initiatives forward is reflected in significantly lower child accidents in the city both associated with schools but also as children use roads in their local community.

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