Tactile Buttons

Nottingham City Council is working closely with RNIB and Action for Blind People to improve the public transport offer to blind and partially sighted customers.


Working with the RNIB and Action for Blind People, our transport user group highlighted the need for the ability to know which bus stop was which within the City Centre, especially where banks of bus stops in a row could cause confusion.

A solution to this problem was trialled on the Angel Row stops and our user group tested the trial tactile buttons for ease of use and durability. This trial proved successful and now in Nottingham City Centre each bus stop has a 2 character code, the first character is a letter denoting the road which the stop is on e.g. 'K' for King Street, the second character is a number which informs which of the stops on that particular road you are at e.g. 'K2' would be King Street at the second stop.

Since the trial, we've added tactile buttons to our major transport routes in the following locations:

  • City Centre - all major stop groups
  • Alfreton Road
  • Derby Road and QMC grounds
  • Ilkeston Road
  • Mansfield Road
  • Meadows Way
  • Queens Drive and Boots

For more information on the locations of the City Centre bus stops with tactile buttons, or the planned expansion of the buttons to other areas please e-mail public.transport@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

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