Blue Badge Misuse or Abuse

Nottingham City Council actively enforces the misuse and abuse of the Blue Badge Scheme.

If you suspect someone of Blue Badge misuse or abuse, you can report this confidentially online.

Why We Enforce

Although the scheme began as a way of improving access for disabled people, the substantial monetary value of a badge in some areas is contributing to both increasing demand and the incentive to abuse the scheme and commit fraud. The misuse of Blue Badges undermines the benefits of the scheme, impacts upon local traffic management and creates hostility amongst other badge holders and members of the public.

Abuse is happening at all points in the system from the initial application, through requests for replacements, to on-street usage. For this reason, it is vital that both issuing teams and parking enforcement teams are alert to criminal or fraudulent behaviour and attempt to prevent fraud and abuse before it happens.

Misuse and Abuse

  • Abuse of a badge: using a counterfeit (fake) badge, using an amended badge, using a lost or stolen badge, or a badge of a deceased person
  • Misuse of genuine badges: using a badge when the registered user is not present

Your Blue Badge must be used correctly, so it is important that you know the rules about using it. They are in the booklet you get when you receive your Blue Badge

When you use your Blue Badge always follow the rules. If someone else drives a vehicle that you are a passenger in, they need to know the rules too. Remember to show the booklet to them.

You can find the Rights and Responsibilities booklet here. If you would like a copy sending to you please contact us.

Do not let someone else use your badge

  • You should not let someone else use it to go and collect something for you. When you are not travelling in the vehicle, take the Blue Badge out so no-one else can use it
  • Do not let someone else use the Blue Badge to get free or better parking
  • A badge can only be used for your benefit. If the trip is for someone else and you are a passenger and staying in the vehicle, you cannot use the badge simply to allow them to benefit from free or better parking
  • Someone who is not disabled who uses a Blue Badge is breaking the law and can be subject to legal action

Do not use the badge when it is out of date or no longer required

  • You can only have a Blue Badge for three years at a time, when the three years are up you must apply to your local council for a new one. You have to wait for your new badge to be sent to you before you can use the parking benefits. So remember to apply for a new one before the three years runs out. And remember to send your old badge back to the council
  • If you no longer need a Blue Badge, it should be sent back to the council

Do not use the badge when information on it is wrong or illegible

  • You cannot change any information on a badge. People who inspect badges must be able to read all the information on your badge. If the information becomes illegible, send the badge back to the council and ask for a new one
  • If your badge is damaged in any way you must have it replaced

Do not copy, fake or change any information on the badge

  • It is a criminal offence for anybody to copy or amend a Blue Badge

Rules on having your Blue Badge checked

Police officers, traffic wardens, parking attendants and civil enforcement officers have the power to inspect the badge.

Enforcement Officers are allowed to operate in plain clothes. If any of these people ask to see the badge, you must show it to them. If you do not, you will be breaking the law and you could be fined up to £1,000.

Enforcement officers have right to retain the badge if they have reasonable grounds to do so. This includes badges that are expired; fake; changed; cancelled or misused.

Crossing the Line Campaign

 The aim of the campaign is to highlight that we actively enforce the scheme in Nottingham City and to provide information to citizens in how they could help in reducing the abuse and report potential misuse of a Blue Badge.

You can confidentially report Blue Badge misuse online or by calling 0115 876 1888.

For further information please contact 0115 876 1888 or email permits.compliance@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

Blue Badge Policy

Contact Us

Blue Badge Enforcement Parking Regulation and Compliance PO Box 10169 Nottingham, NG1 9HS
Tel: 0115 876 1888

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