Examination Library

Examination Library

The Examination Library contains a list of documents submitted for the Examination along with background documents and evidence that have informed the production of the LAPP. It also contains documents relating to the examination, and will be updated as the examination progresses.

Structure of the Examination Library

The Examination Library is in 2 parts.  Part 1 is all the documents that were submitted originally and follows the layout of the main LAPP document, see below.  All documents issued post submission are in the Examination Library: Part 2.

Examination Library: Part 1    Examination Library: Part 2  

Consultation Comments

  • Core Documents
    • Regulations - Documents required by regulations including the LAPP document itself
    • Background Papers - Background Papers produced by the Council in support of specific policies
    • Previous Stages - Documents related to previous statutory stages of the LAPP preparation
  • Cross-Cutting Local EvidenceDocuments that cut across different policy areas

Examination Documents: Part 2 

The Examination Library: Part 2  sets out the documents, statements and other relevant correspondence issued after the submission of the Nottingham City Local Plan Part 2, LAPP to the Secretary of State on 23 April 2018. This will be updated with all documents issued by the Inspector, Nottingham City Council and other parties throughout the examination process.  These are split into 3 sections. 

  • Section 1: Documents issued by the Inspector
  • Section 2: Documents issued by the Council
  • Section 3: Documents issued by those making Representation to the Plan

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All correspondence or queries relating to the examination should be directed to the Programme Officer in the first instance.

Programme Officer: Jayne Knight

Tel: 07548160934

Email: jayne.knight@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

If you wish to contact the Planning Policy Team please either email localplan@nottinghamcity.gov.uk or call 0115 876 4594