Details of the Examination

Details about the Examination can be found out below.

Beverley Doward BSc BTP MRTPI has been appointed to conduct the examination of the LAPP.  She will consider whether the LAPP meets the requirements of legal compliance, the duty to co-operate and soundness. The Inspector will also decide who will participate in the examination hearing and will contact the relevant individuals/parties independently from the Council via the Programme Officer.

Mrs Jayne Knight has been appointed as Programme Officer for the Examination of the Nottingham City LAPP  (Local Plan Part 2) document working in support of Mrs Beverley Doward, the Inspector appointed to conduct the Examination.

An essential part of the Programme Officer's role is to communicate with those who have made representation on the plan and act as a channel of communication between representors, Nottingham City Council and the Inspector who is not able to communicate directly with representors or Council except in hearings sessions.

Programme Officer: Jayne Knight

Tel: 07548160934

Email: jayne.knight@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

Once the Inspector has viewed all the documents submitted alongside the LAPP including consultation comments, she will issue Matters, Issues and Questions that she wishes to consider in the Examination.  Further details will be made available here

When details of the Hearing Sessions have been confirmed these will be provided here including the Venue and Agendas for the Hearing Sessions.

The Inspector has confirmed that the hearing sessions are due to start the week commencing 17th November.

The Examination Library contains a list of documents submitted for examination and background documents that have informed the production of the Local Planning Document. It also contains documents relating to the examination, and will be updated as the examination progresses.  The Examination Library is available here.

If you wish to find out more detail how the examination will be carried out the Planning Inspectorate has produced a useful guide: Examining Local Plans Procedural Practice

Contact Us

All correspondence or queries relating to the examination should be directed to the Programme Officer in the first instance. Programme Officer: Jayne Knight Tel: 07548160934 Email: jayne.knight@nottinghamcity.gov.uk If you wish to contact the Planning Policy Team please either email localplan@nottinghamcity.gov.uk or call 0115 876 4594.

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