Controls on 'To Let' Ad Boards

Local restrictions that apply to letting boards in certain parts of the city.

We have defined nine areas of the city where To Let boards cannot be displayed on residential properties without our consent, unless they follow strict criteria. This has been done through a 'Regulation 7 Direction', which takes away the normal rights (known as 'Deemed Consent') to display such boards without permission. The direction runs until 16 October 2017.

We have published detailed guidance on how the rules operate, please see below.

Renewal of Regulation 7 Direction

The Letting Boards Direction will expire on the 16 October 2017.  The Council wishes to extend the direction and is in the process of applying for a renewal for further five years. This will be done through an application to the Secretary of State, which we aim to submit by the end of July 2017. The application to renew will be on the basis of using the same nine areas of the existing direction (see map).

Before submitting the application, we want to invite any views you may have on the renewal of the Direction. In particular, we would like to know:

  • Your opinion on the success of the Regulation 7 Direction in meeting the wider aims of improving the visual amenity of the area, improve sense of place and/or reduce risk of burglary in the selected areas;
  • Your view on the renewal of the Regulation 7 Direction for a further period of five years;
  • Your view on the renewal of the Regulation 7 Direction for a longer period or in perpetuity;
  • Any further comments.

Your statement will be included in the application and will inform the decision of the Secretary of State.

Your views will need to be submitted by Monday 20 March 2017.  Statements can be sent via email to development.management@nottinghamcity.gov.uk or to the following address:

Development Management
Loxley House
Station Street

If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us on the email above or call Development Management on Tel: 0115 8764447

We have published the detailed map of the nine areas and an invitation to the consultation.

Contact Us

Planning and Building Control LH Box 5 Loxley House Station Street Nottingham NG2 3NG United Kingdom Email: development.management@nottinghamcity.gov.uk
Tel: 0115 876 4447

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