Information needed with Planning Applications

Information and guidance 

All planning applications, whether submitted online or in paper, need to be accompanied by enough information for us to be able to consider them.

Our Validation Requirements for Planning

Applications document sets out the minimum information that is usually necessary for particular types of application, and is designed to ensure that applications can be processed as efficiently as possible. If your application is missing some information that is essential for us to be able to consider it, we will contact you.

As a minimum, an application for planning permission should:

• be made in writing (paper or electronic application) to the local planning authority

• include the particulars specified in the form and be accompanied by a plan which identifies the land

• include any other plans and drawings or information necessary to describe the development which is the subject of the application

• be accompanied by any certificate or documents required by the Town and Country Planning Act 

• include any fee required to be paid in respect of the application. Lodging a cheque or making an electronic payment for the correct fee amount is taken as payment

• be accompanied by a Design and Access statement, if required


Checklist for applications

Household planning checklist

Full out and reserved matters checklist

Listed buildings checklist 

Advertisement checklist 

Preparing documents for your application 

We encourage you to make your application online through the Planning Portal. When you are preparing your application, please follow these simple tips to help us process it as quickly and efficiently as possible:

  • Use pdf format for all documents
  • Keep individual file sizes small
  • Give your files logical names that reflect their content
  • Where possible, separate your drawings so that they can be printed to the original scale on individual sheets of A4 or A3 paper
  • Try not to group all drawings onto a single A2 or larger sheet
  • Use landscape format for drawings 
  • Clearly indicate the sheet size and scale

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