Local Studies Research and Enquiry Service

Do you need some extra help with research? Or have a detailed enquiry that you don't have time to follow up? Our specialist staff may be able to help

We can help with your research interest or enquiry with our Local Studies Research and Enquiry Service. There is a fee for this specialist service, in order to cover the costs of staff time - this does not apply to visitors to the Library and for independent use, where help from staff is still free.

We will accept a maximum of 3 hours research per order. The fee includes all the work involved in planning and carrying out the research. If you require more extensive research please contact us to discuss your needs on 0115 915 2873 or local_studies.library@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

Searches can be carried out on local, house, place and family history. The research is undertaken by an experienced and trained member of staff and offers a professional and reliable service.

Research and Enquiry Service Charges

Research and Enquiry Service: Public Rate


First half hour regardless of origin of enquiry

Plus charge for copies and administration as appropriate

Work done beyond a half hour

£10.00 per half hour plus charge for copies and administration

Microfiche / film digital copy


Research and Enquiry Service: Commercial Rate


Research per half hour

£20 per half hour plus charge for copies and administration

Document copying  (those materials copied by staff)


Black and white A4/A3


Colour A4/A3


Microfiche/film print copying A4/A3


Administrative charge


Contact Us

Local Studies Library Nottingham Central Library Angel Row Nottingham NG1 6HP Email: local_studies.library@nottinghamcity.gov.uk Fax: 0115 915 2840
Tel: 0115 915 2873

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